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How to Get Help

Need to book travel? Purchase lab supplies? Hire a student? ...

The College of Arts & Sciences staff is here to provide support to faculty, staff and students and help maintain a supportive teaching and learning environment. Staff have expertise in purchasing, academic procedures, grant management, and more.

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Whom to Call

Florenz Plassmann


  • College strategic planning and goal setting
  • Administrative oversight of dean's staff, department chairs and program directors
  • Liaison to Executive Vice President and Provost and Ohio University college deans
  • Represents faculty, students and staff to external stakeholders including alumni, donors and the general public
  • Provides final approval for staffing, promotion and tenure and college budgetary commitments

Lori Bauer

University Communications & Marketing Communications Specialist for A&S

  • Contributions to Forum
  • Social Media and e-communications
  • Marketing needs
  • Publication requests
  • Alumni communications
  • Faculty expert placements
  • News releases and media outreach
  • Photography requests
  • Videography requests
  • Event promotion

Kendall Brown-Clovis

Director of Administration

  • Strategic planning for administrative services across the college
  • Professional development
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Coordination of services with HR Liaison
  • Oversight of administrative operations in the Dean's Office

Sarah Poggione

Associate Dean for Students, Instruction and Curriculum

  • Support for teaching, learning, assessment, and student success initiatives
  • Oversight of college undergraduate programs and curricula
  • Chairs the college Curriculum Committee
  • Manages college-level curriculum processes
  • Oversight of college Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs
  • Handles grievances from undergraduate students, following disposition at the academic department or program level
  • Promotes faculty professional development related to teaching and student learning
  • Liaison to other colleges and units on issues related to academic programs, instruction, and assessment
  • Chairs the college Awards Committee

Claire Kimok

Senior Accounting Specialist

  • Provides budgeting, accounting, research and special project support to the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO)
  • Manages many of the daily financial and accounting operations of the dean's office
  • Assists the CFAO in the oversight of the entire College's financial operations
  • Liaison to college departments and VP Finance staff; advises, directs and assists in resolution of accounting issues, including yearly fiscal close procedures
  • Primary college-level approver for Concur transactions, Bobcat BUY purchasing system and faculty and staff travel authorization forms
  • Processes approved funding commitments for the dean's office

Brian C. McCarthy

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty, Graduate Studies, and Research

  • Oversees college faculty development programs
  • Coordinates faculty fellowship leave (FFL) process
  • Advice and oversight of promotion and tenure process
  • Manages graduate student budget
  • Liaison to Graduate College and Graduate Council
  • Oversees policies & procedures related to graduate admissions, theses, and dissertations
  • Manages development and review of Institutes and Centers
  • Evaluates requests for research support and incentive funds
  • Review and approval of grant applications
  • Liaison to VP for Research and ORSP
  • Chair of the Research Advisory Committee
  • Oversees Digital Measures
  • Facilities, space and IT

April Ritchie

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

  • Accounting
  • Budget planning
  • Contract approval for faculty and staff
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Memorandum guarantee approval (for grant pre-spending)
  • Temporary staffing approval

Erin Thompson

Executive Assistant

  • Provides administrative support for the college executive staff and primary support for the Associate Dean for Students and Curricular Affairs.
  • Coordinates college curriculum processes and College Curriculum Committee.
  • Provides classroom scheduling support for the departments.
  • Coordinates college-level standing committees and ad hoc committees.
  • Coordinates endowed scholarship award process.
  • Manages college-level graduate program processes.

Undergraduate Student Affairs

Randy Price

Assistant Dean

  • Supervise the A&S Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs
  • Coordinate A&S undergraduate student advising
  • Review degree conferral applications
  • Assist students with academic concerns
  • Provide support and information to A&S faculty about academic and curricular issues
  • Handles appeals from undergraduates who have been dropped or suspended from the university

Shelley Barton

Administrative Specialist

  • Assist faculty, administrators, and staff in departments across campus about academically-related processes and procedures
  • Respond to students' general academic questions and concerns
  • Answer questions about changing majors and filing tuition appeals and reinstatement petitions
  • Supervise work-study students
  • Answer questions, enrolls, and posts class placements (chemistry, English, languages, math)

Mark Shields

Records Management Assistant

  • Welcome students to the A&S college office
  • Manage the front desk of the A&S college office
  • Answer calls and assist with general student inquires
  • Process update-of-program and other student forms