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UCC Academic Program Reviews of CAS Programs

The University Curriculum Council (UCC) conducts periodic program reviews as required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The typical time frame for such reviews is every seven years; however, COVID-19 necessitated significant changes to the 10-year schedule. Programs are therefore encouraged to check the next date of their review.

Expectations of a unit’s chair/director or their appointee

  1. Attend orientation session held by the UCC Program Review Committee (PRC) in the Spring prior to review year
  2. Identify three external reviewers and submit to PRC
  3. Write and submit the self-study
  4. Schedule site visit and devise agenda
  5. Lead the site visit
  6. Write a response to the review report submitted by the review team

Procedures in the College of Arts & Sciences

  1. Units will be contacted by the PRC in Spring Semester prior to their review year.  They are encouraged to attend the Orientation session held by the PRC. For further information, please consult the UCC website and the Provost’s website.
  2. During the summer, units will submit the names of three potential external reviewers to the PRC and complete their self-study.
  3. By Sept. 15, units submit their self-study to the Chair of PRC, as well as the Senior Associate Dean of the College.
  4. As soon as the site visit is scheduled, the Office of the Dean (contact: Dean’s Executive Assistant) should be informed of the date as a meeting between the review team and the dean is required by the PRC. A copy of the completed agenda should also be submitted to the dean’s office.
  5. After the site visit, the PRC will forward the review to the unit chair/director and request a response be submitted within two weeks.  The PRC will then forward the chair’s response to the Dean with a request for comment.
  6. The Dean will submit their response within two weeks of receiving the chair’s response.