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The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP) provides funding for one external reviewer and for all internal program reviewers. It is important for programs to understand how costs are covered and the means through which programs can ensure there are no unnecessary processing delays. External reviewers and internal reviewers are compensated through different processes, with responsibilities divided between programs under review and EVPP office. The University Curriculum Council's Program Review Committee does not handle any aspect of program-review compensation. Internal and external reviewers are to receive compensation only after the submission of their report(s) to the Program Review Committee chair and to the program under review. External reviewers and internal reviewers are compensated as outlined below.

External Reviewers

The EVPP office provides $1,000 to fund one external reviewer for each program review. The Provost's office does not provide separate funding for external reviewers' travel, meal meetings, or other expenses related to the review. Programs must contact Bose Maposa ( in the Provost's office to obtain the proper account number for the external reviewer's honorarium. It is important for programs to understand clearly that external reviewers must be compensated through BobcatBUY, and thus programs and external reviewers must complete all appropriate BobcatBUY paperwork (OHIO Substitute W-9 and Contract-Honorarium Agreement Form) before any compensation and reimbursement can occur. These forms are available on the Finance forms webpage. The Provost's office does not initiate this compensation process; programs are responsible for initiating all paperwork related to external-reviewer compensation.

Finance honorarium agreement webpage

Use the following object codes for external reviewers.
DescriptionObject Codes
Non-employee travel, lodging718382

Internal Reviewers

The Provost's office arranges internal reviewers' compensation without any need for administrative work on the part of individual programs. If a faculty member must travel between campuses to conduct a site visit, compensation for mileage will also be provided by the EVPP office. Faculty members from OHIO's Athens and regional campuses with experience in leadership positions and/or considerable service experience who are interested in becoming internal reviewers are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Program Review Committee (see contact below).


Sarah Poggione
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Lijing Yang
Chair, UCC Program Review Committee