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Participants at College of Business Executive Education workshop
Join Us for our Sales Intelligence Workshop
Registration has closed. Follow us for more information on future programs.

Sales Intelligence: Building Processes for Business Development

Two participants at an Executive Education workshop in the College of Business

Elevate your Sales Career with Ohio University’s College of Business and the Schey Sales Centre

In today's dynamic business environment, mastering sales intelligence has become crucial for success. If you're eager to enhance your sales skills and propel your career forward, Ohio University has the perfect program for you.

Join us at our Dublin campus in Spring 2024 for an immersive workshop designed to elevate your skills in sales and business development. This hands-on program, part of our acclaimed Intelligence Series, is tailored for sales professionals, managers, and anyone aspiring to excel in sales or business development roles.

Sharpen Your Sales Intelligence

This program is a must-attend for professionals seeking to sharpen their sales acumen and drive business growth. Seize this opportunity to transform your approach to sales and business development with the guidance of renowned experts.

When: Thursday, March 28, 2024
Where: Ohio University Dublin Integrated Education Center, Dublin Ohio
Cost: $599 | Alumni Discount Available

Registration has closed. Follow us for more information on future programs.

Logo for Sales Intelligence: Part of the Ohio University College of Business Executive Education Intelligence Series

    What You Will Learn?

    • The critical role of professional sales in the competitive business landscape.
    • Techniques for effective communication and self-promotion.
    • Mastery of essential sales terminology for business contexts.
    • Insights into organizational decision-making and purchasing processes.
    • Steps to create value and customer satisfaction in the sales process.
    • Strategies for prospecting and identifying qualified leads.
    • Building strong, mutually beneficial customer relationships.
    • Adaptive selling and negotiation techniques to enhance sales outcomes.

    Why Should You Attend?

    • Expert-Led Program with Renowned Partnerships: Benefit from the combined expertise of Dr. Adam Rapp and the acclaimed Schey Sales Centre, bringing together top-notch insights and practices in sales and marketing.
    • Networking Opportunities: Engage with peers and industry leaders, expanding your professional network.
    • Professional Growth: Elevate your skills for advanced career roles, preparing you to meet the challenges in the evolving world of sales.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is ideal for a diverse range of professionals including:

    • Sales Professionals: Enhance your selling techniques and strategies.
    • Sales Managers: Gain insights to lead and motivate your sales teams effectively.
    • Channel Sales Professionals: Learn to navigate and maximize channel sales opportunities.
    • Product Sales Professionals: Refine skills specific to product-based sales.
    • Those Transitioning to Sales: Build a strong foundation for a successful career in sales.
    • Business Development Roles: Acquire skills to drive business growth and customer relationships.
    • Frontline/Customer Contact Professionals: Develop the art of customer interaction and relationship building.