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Mohammed Khurrum Bhutta

Headshot of Mohammed Khurrum Bhutta
Professor of Operations Management
Copeland 522


  • Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington, Aug. 2001. Major Area: Production and Operations Management. Minor Area: Management of Information Systems.
  • MBA  Lahore University of Management Sciences , Jun. 1996. Major Areas: Production and Operations Management & Marketing.
  • B.Sc. Engineering University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan, Jun. 1993. Major Area: Mechanical Engineering. 


Dr. Bhutta is a Professor of Operations Management in the Management Department in College of Business, having joined Ohio University in 2008. Dr Bhutta came to OHIO from Nicholls State University in Louisiana having taught there for seven years. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Management from The University of Texas at Arlington, and holds an MBA from the Lahore University of Management Sciences and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan. 

He primarily teaches Operations Management in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. Khurrum has published in several leading journals including; International Journal of Production Economics, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Journal of International Technology and Information Management, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Benchmarking An International Journal, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, among others. 

Dr. Bhutta has also actively been involved as an academic consultant. He has worked as a developer/reviewer for multiple texts and supplementary materials for business disciplines, including operations management, project management, quality management.

Selected Publications

  • Omar Alhawari, Usama Awan, Mohammed Khurrum S. Bhutta, M. Ali Ülkü, Insights from Circular Economy Literature: A Review of Extant Definitions and Unravelling Paths to Future Research, Sustainability, 2021.
  • Omar Alhawari, Gürsel Süer, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Operations Performance Considering Demand Coverage Scenarios for Individual products and Products Families in Supply Chains, International Journal of Production Economics. Vol. 233, 2021.
  • Shyam Lamichane, Gokhan Egilmez, Ridvan Gedik, M. Khurrum Bhutta, Bulent Erenay, Benchmarking OECD Countries' Sustainable Development Performance: A Goal-Specific Principal Component Analysis Approach, Journal of Cleaner Production. Available online 13 November 2020.
  • Iqbal Tahir, M. Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Shahzad Naeem Qureshi, Lean and Agile Manufacturing: Complementary or Competing Capabilities? Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. Vol. 31, No. 4, March 2020.
  • Mohsin Bashir, Kanwal Shaheen, Sharjeel Saleem, Mohammed Khurrum Bhutta, Muhammad Abrar, Jun Zhao, The Mediating Role of Psychological Need Thwarting in the Relationship between Compulsory Citizenship Behavior and Psychological Withdrawal, Frontiers in Psychology, Nov. 2019.
  • Huq Faizul, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Ziaul Huq, A Heuristic Search Routine for Solving Two Objective Mixed Integer LP Problems for Scheduling in a Service Factory, International Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 40-61, 2019.   
  • Faisal Mohd. Nishat, Faisal Talib, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Enablers of Sustainability Solid Waste Management System in India, International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Vol. 23, No.3, pp. 213-237, 2019.
  • Iqbal Tahir, Faizul Huq, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Agile manufacturing relationship building with TQM, JIT, and firm performance: An exploratory study in apparel export industry of Pakistan, International Journal of Production Economics. Vol. 203, pp. 24-37, September 2018.
  • Bhutta M. Khurrum S., Gokhan Egilmez, Kamran Chatha, Faizul Huq, Survey of Lean Management Practices in Pakistani Industrial Sectors, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, Vol. 28, No.3, pp. 309-334, 2017.
  • Egilmez Gokhan, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Bulent Erenay, Yong Shin Park, Ridvan Gedik, Carbon Footprint Stock Analysis of U.S. Manufacturing: An Input Output-based Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Vol. 117, No. 5, pp. 853-872, 2017.
  • Aslaam N. Muhammad, Gokhan Egilmez, Murat Kucukvar, M. Khurrum Bhutta, From Green Buildings to Green Supply Chains: An Integrated Input Output Life Cycle Assessment and Optimization Framework for Carbon Footprint Reduction Policy Making, Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, Vol. 28, No. 4, 2017.
  • Huq Faizul, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Ken Cutright, Excess Warehouse Space Allocation for Cost Reduction and Customer Service Improvement, International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management, Volume 6, No. 1, 2015.
  • Murthy DN., Sumanth K., M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Narendra Rustagi, Is E- commerce transforming the Indian buying scenario? International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics, Volume 4, No. 1, 2015.


  • 2020 Excellence in Research Recognition, College of Business, Ohio University
  • 2019 Research Impact Award, Management Department, College of Business, Ohio University
  • 2018 Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award Recipient
  • 2011 Excellence in Professional Activity and Service Award, College of Business, Ohio University

Research Interests

  • Operations Management issues in Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Lean Management
  • Sustainability
  • Facility Location
  • Supplier Selection
  • Sustainability
  • Green Supply Chains
  • Process Analysis