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Marketing is the lifeline of any organization, connecting the business with its customers.

Today’s business environment is dynamic. The advent of social media, digital marketing, and the explosion of mediums where customers can be reached, make it more important than ever that students understand the analytical, technological, and creative aspects of business. From the psychology of consumer decision-making to marketing in a digital world, Ohio University’s College of Business covers an array of topics that help you get ready for the workforce.

Students that major in marketing will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA).

Internship and Job Placement
Average Salary Upon Graduation

Internships and Job Placement

92% of our 2022 marketing graduates experienced positive outcomes such as employment or continuing education within six months after commencement. Many students have even accepted offers during their senior year. Many students have even accepted offers during their senior year.

Our Business Academic Advising & Career Services center is onsite in Copeland Hall, ready to help you understand how to use good career marketing strategies, from your freshman year. We’re ready to help you find the perfect internship or job. In addition to career fairs, and College Placement Champions, you’ll have access to BOBCAT CareerLink, a web-based system where employers post positions, review resumes, and connect with candidates. Plus, participate in workshops, seminars, and even one-on-one coaching to make sure you’re presenting yourself the right way and achieving your career goals.

Recent Internship and Job Placements 

  • AT&T
  • Cardinal Health
  • Cison
  • Dell Technologies
  • Ethicon- Johnson & Johnson
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IGS Energy
  • JM Smucker’s
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Microsoft
  • Nationwide

Potential Careers

Careers in marketing vary greatly. You might be in a very creative area, or you might choose professional sales, or even logistics and supply chain. The marketing discipline is where creativity meets research. Potential careers include:

  • Professional sales — Learn more about sales careers through the Schey Sales Centre.
  • Retailing
  • Market research and analytics — Learn more about marketing research and analytics through the Center for Consumer Research and Analytics.  
  • Brand management
  • Advertising and marketing communications
  • Logistics and supply chain management

Marketing Advisory Board 

Marketing Major Courses

View the Marketing Major catalog page in OHIO's Undergraduate Catalog to see additional requirements, such as Individual Core Requirements or Introductory Cluster Requirements.

Marketing majors are required to successfully complete six credit hours in marketing elective courses. Students are encouraged to follow a specialized track from the available options: Sales, Marketing Communications, Service Engagement, Markets and Society, Channel Relationships, and Research & Analysis. Students following the specific track are expected to have a better learning experience within their area of interest and should be able to secure a competitive advantage as they seek to pursue a career. Selection of a track is highly recommended, however, it is not required. 

Core Courses (Required)

  • MKT 3580 - Foundations of Professional Sales
  • MKT 3790 - Marketing Research
  • MKT 4440 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 4630 - Marketing Strategy

Specialized Marketing Tracks (Optional) 

Sales Track

The sales track provides a balance of professional selling theory and practices to develop those capabilities necessary for success in professional selling and sales management careers. Students will learn the underlying principles and theories that drive planning, organizing, and managing the sales process. By developing an understanding of consultative and relationship building sales approaches, students will learn the persuasion and presentation skills necessary to drive revenue within the selling function of an organization. Complete six credit hours from the following courses:

  • MKT 3600 – Entrepreneurial Sales
  • MKT 4580 – Sales Management
  • MKT 4680 – Consultative Sales
  • MKT 4780 – Sales Strategy and Technology
  • MKT 4900 – Special Topics in Marketing: Sales Competition

Marketing Communication Track

The marketing communication track provides a foundation of communication theory, research, and knowledge within each element of the promotion mix. Students will learn how to effectively reach target audiences and consumers, gain their attention, and influence their final purchase decisions. Designed to help students develop the skill necessary to design and execute effective marketing and promotion strategies. Complete six credit hours:

  • MKT 4500 – Management of Promotion
  • MKT 4300 – Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies 

Service Engagement Track

The service engagement track provides students with training in delivering high-level service to consumers as well as how to manage successful service organizations. The track also provides students with training in how to successfully measure and evaluate the excellence of the service provided. This track prepares students for careers in various consumer service-oriented roles including corporate and store-level retail, recreations, financial institutions, and professional sales management. Complete six credit hours:

  • MKT 4200 – Services Marketing
  • MKT 4550 – Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence

Markets and Society Track

Develops an understanding of the marketing principles driving international business today and the socio-demographic factors that play a role in shaping the global economy. Through knowledge of the major issues facing global marketing managers, students will learn to strategically approach and manage international marketing initiatives in today's business world and leverage sustainable practices within the marketplace. Complete six credit hours:

  • MKT 3400 – Non Profit Marketing
  • MKT 4100 – Special Topics in Marketing: Sustainability Marketing
  • MKT 4410 – International Marketing

Channel Relationships Track

The channel relationships track provides students with training in managing business-to-business functions. The track also trains students in managing the relationships between various types of stakeholders in business-to-business partnerships. This track prepares students for careers in various business-to-business functions including organizational buying, logistics, and supply chain management. Complete six credit hours:

  • MKT 4040 – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MKT 4250 – Business to Business Marketing

Research & Analysis Track (Permission Only)

The research and analytics track provides students with extensive training on conducting various forms of primary marketing research and rich-data analysis. Students will also develop the ability to manage the research and analytics process, and to turn information into useful business intelligence and insights. This track prepares students for careers in marketing research, analytics, or insights across both service provider and client-side functions. Complete six credit hours:

  • MKT 3440 – Consumer Research
  • MKT 4700 – Marketplace Analytics
  • MKT 4940 – Independent Research: Consumer Research Center  

Student Activities

Since we know that hands-on experience is the best way to learn, our students are encouraged to participate outside of the classroom in a variety of activities.

AMA Competitions and International Collegiate Conference

The Ohio University chapter of American Marketing Association offers opportunities to participate in a large variety of competitions throughout the year and at the Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans each spring. The OU-AMA chapter allows you to practice skills important in dramatically shifting career landscape that is changing the way marketers do business.

Mu Kappa Tau National Competitions

Members of Mu Kappa Tau (National Marketing Honor Society) have opportunities to participate in national competitions offered each year. Individual members of the Ohio University chapter of Mu Kappa Tau have won national competitions involving essays, photos, and taglines since the chapter was started in 2012.

National Collegiate Sales Competition

Through the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre, you can participate in the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). This is the first and largest sales competition in the country. NCSC hosts top collegiate sales students and faculty from elite university sales programs.  Students participate in a selling competition and also have the opportunity to network with potential employers.

National Sales Challenge

Students pursuing sales certificate can participate in the RBI National Sales Challenge in New Jersey. Top sales students from across the country meet with representatives from major corporations for an exciting sales competition designed to hone sales skills, receive valuable knowledge, and make connections.

Ohio Cup

As an internal competition, Ohio Cup offers competitive students an exclusive opportunity to network with potential employers, and compete for grand prizes. 

OHIO Digital Marketing Agency

The OHIO Digital Marketing Agency (ODMA) was launched in 2021 to create a pipeline of students to be ready to work in the digital marketing industry after graduation. The agency is a student-driven agency, built upon four pillars of excellence. Those pillars include career readiness, education, networking, and real-world experience. Students in ODMA have the opportunity to learn specific digital marketing strategies during weekly meetings, network with professionals in the industry, and have opportunities to work with and for live clients.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is the only national co-ed professional fraternity in the fields of sales, marketing and management. However, it is open to all majors. PSE gives its members the chance to gain hands-on experience through experiential learning opportunities, participate in conferences both regionally and nationally, and network with professionals through PSE’s corporate partner program.

Student Organizations

American Marketing Association

AMA is a professional organization whose members are dedicated to gaining relevant marketing experience outside the classroom. Members enjoy networking opportunities, career workshops, interesting projects, and the chance to interact with marketing professors and other students. All majors are welcome.

Mu Kappa Tau

Mu Kappa Tau is the national marketing honor society that offers members both national recognition and university chapter affiliation. Its purpose is to recognize the scholarship, achievement, and professional development of marketing students committed to the advancement of marketing education and the integrity of careers in marketing. To be eligible for membership, a student must be a junior or senior majoring in marketing, have a 3.25 or better cumulative GPA, and be ranked in the top 10 percent of all marketing majors as a junior or the top 20% of all marketing majors as a senior.

Women in Business

OHIO Women in Business (OWIB) provides outstanding support, development, and sense of community to women interested in pursuing careers in business. The organization focuses on attracting, developing, and launching highly talented women into the business world. OWIB develops members through monthly guest speakers and educational workshops.

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