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Marketing Minor

Learn to understand consumer behavior and drive demand/adoption in a competitive marketplace.

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The marketing minor allows students across disciplines and majors with complementary skills and interests to gain specific knowledge and experience leading to a more rounded education and increased marketability for employment.

The marketing minor will equip you with the skills to understand the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, and professional selling. Then, customize your minor with a specialization by selecting two electives.

The marketing minor is available to all Ohio University undergraduate students.

Courses in Marketing Minor

Complete course information is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. This includes Repeat/Retake Information, Grades, Requisites, Warnings, and more. Review the catalog and talk with your academic advisor as you consider this minor.

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • MKT 2020 – Marketing Principles
    Provides a broad understanding of marketing activities, decisions, and terms with an emphasis on the practices and problems of marketing managers and the analysis of the marketing environment.
  • MKT 2400 – Introduction to Marketing Management
    Provides an introductory coverage of topics in marketing. Offers an early focus on the elements of the marketing mix to assist students when they take the integrated cluster. Also includes specific assignments designed to enhance COB majors’ understanding of marketing activities and strategies.
  • BMT 1400 – Concepts of Marketing
    Introduction to problems of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers as they relate to modern marketing, market, and product.

All students complete one of the following courses:

  • MKT 3020 - Consumer Marketing
    This course provides a broad understanding of marketing principles particularly as they relate to marketing to consumers. Students will learn how to adapt the marketing mix to effectively reach consumers. Consumer research and environmental factors will also be addressed.

  • SAM 3020 - Consumer Marketing
    The purpose of this course is to teach the students effective marketing tools for reaching consumers. The course will focus on how managers use the marketing mix to reach target markets and position products. The students will gain the knowledge necessary to conduct market research, how to develop a consumer survey.


All students complete the following course:

  • MKT 3580 – Foundations of Professional Sales
    Combines personal selling theory with actual practice. Students learn skills needed for successful careers in sales and marketing.

Students finish the minor by completing two elective courses:

  • Eligible classes are included below.


Elective courses

Students must complete two elective courses for a total of 6 hours.

  • MKT 3400 - Non-Profit Marketing; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 3440 - Consumer Research; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 3600 - Entrepreneurial Sales; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 3790 - Marketing Research; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4040 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4100 - Sustainability Marketing; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4200 - Services Marketing; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4250 - Business to Business Marketing; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4300 - Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4410 - International Marketing; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4500 - Management of Promotion; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4550 - Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4580 - Sales Management; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4600 - Brand Management; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4650 - New Product Development; Credit Hours: 3
  • MKT 4900 - Special Topics in Marketing; Credit Hours: 3

Interested in Declaring the Marketing Minor?

The process is simple:


  1. Visit your college's student service office
  2. Ask for an "Application for Update of Academic Programs" form; it may also be referred to as the "declaration of major/minor form"
  3. You may need the program code for the marketing minor: OR6127
  4. You may need your advisor's ID and name. (Find your advisor through the My OHIO Success Network.)
  5. Return the completed form to your student service office.

Request More Information

Three Notes from an Advisor

  • Some students complete this minor in two semesters.
  • Two courses are available online: MKT 2020 and MKT 3020. 
  • Interest in a marketing minor has consistently been expressed by College of Business students, students in most schools in the Scripps College of Communication, and students enrolled in OHIO's Patton College of Education.