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Curriculum Details

36 total credits required

The 36-credit OMSA program, delivered in online modules and virtual classes, can be completed in as few as 5 semesters. 

During the OMSA program you will complete 10 core courses to develop a firm mastery of concepts essential to sports leadership, including sport marketing, revenue generation, sport analytics, sport law, facility management and more. You will also complete five special topic courses and a capstone course, that cover a variety of important trending topics, like Sport Business, Esports, and Sports Betting/Gambling. 

You will also attend two residencies on campus, which combine in-person sessions with networking opportunities. Other experiential options to connect with alumni, faculty and other Sports Administration students include OHIO’s annual Sports Administration Symposium as well as national conferences that occur throughout the year, such as the National Sports Forum.


BUSL 5650 Sport Law

Regulations of amateur athletics, public regulation of sports activities, legal relationships in professional sports, enforcement of professional sports contracts, antitrust aspects of sports activities, and liability for injuries in sports activities.

SASM 5000 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport

This course examines the role of sport in the lives of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, and reflects on the special structures and attitudes of sport for these populations. It includes a discussion of issues and controversies affecting these populations, a look at their sports structures, and a highlight of select individuals as athletes, coaches, and administrators within these populations.

SASM 6100 Leadership in Sports Administration

This course applies contemporary management and leadership theories to sports. An introduction to leadership roles in the sports industry, the courses focus on applying theoretical knowledge to the practical day-to-day leadership needs of sports organizations.

SASM 6260 Sports Governance and Policy Development

Develop an understanding of the governance structure of sports organizations nationally and internationally. Focus on functions, roles, key issues, strategic planning, decision-making, and policy development.

SASM 6480 Management of Public Assembly Facilities

Provides an examination of various aspects of managing public assembly facilities, including planning and production, booking and scheduling, contracts, promotion, ticketing, security, food and beverage, crowd management, event bidding, and event management.

SASM 6550 Sport Marketing

This course introduces marketing fundamentals and dynamics of the relationships that exist among sports organizations and their varied consumers. This course focuses on planning and implementing organizational strategies and programs to enhance relationships with consumers and consumer groups in sports and sports-related organizations.

SASM 6585 Revenue Generation Strategies

Provides a foundation in the principles and significance of sales and revenue generation in the business of sport through a mix of theoretical fundamentals and practical application. The course covers key sales and revenue generation elements such as the sports sales process and how to market and manage business assets in sponsorships, media rights, branding and merchandise, concessions, ticket sales, fundraising, and legalized gambling.

SASM 6670 Human Resource Management in Sport

Introduction to issues and problems in finance and financial management of sport and recreation organizations. The primary focus of the course will be on planning and financial management.

SASM 6700 Financial Administration of Sport

Introduction to issues and problems in finance and financial management of sport and recreation organizations. The primary focus of the course will be on planning and financial management.

SASM 6850 Introduction to Sport Analytics

Provides the fundamental concepts and tools necessary to understand the emerging role of business analytics for making better decisions to advance sports organizations, both on and off the field. Explore how leveraging data can create a competitive advantage, learn the analytics language, gain experience evaluating data, and gain knowledge regarding contemporary software options.

SASM 6900 Special Topics in Sports Administration/Sports Management

This is a one-credit course that students will take five times throughout the OMSA program. The topics vary depending on the semester offered. Topics have included: an introduction to sport business, eSports, and sports gambling/betting.

SASM 6990 Capstone Seminar

This course provides a culminating and integrative experience for students pursuing careers in sport. Students develop a professional portfolio specific to their own career path.

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