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Experiential Learning Enhances Your Professional MBA Experience

Experiential Learning Enhances Your Professional MBA Experience

In-Person + Online
With Your Peers

An MBA That Fits the Way You Learn and Excel

Ohio University's Professional MBA combines the flexibility of online courses with the rich experience of collaborating and networking on campus. The in-person class meets once per month, providing hands-on learning experiences that hone what you learn through the online coursework. Meet with your instructors face-to-face and collaborate with other professionals, building teamwork and leadership skills that modern business demands.

  • Extend your business acumen during interactive workshops, leadership assessments, team analysis projects and more.
  • Form career-changing connections with other professionals striving to elevate their roles with growing companies.
  • Benefit from personal guidance from faculty with experience at Fortune 500 companies and other successful organizations.

Experiential Learning is just one benefit of the Professional MBA program. Learn more about the online courses or complete the form to connect with an Admissions Advisor.


What Is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning builds on your online coursework while allowing you to learn and engage in a face-to-face environment.

"The once-a-month, Saturday sessions are really dynamic – much like an executive session or training in the corporate world. Our PMBA classes are very hands-on as we simulate and solve for real-world issues.” – Tom Marchese, Associate Professor of Instruction; Director, PMBA; Associate Director, COB Honors Program

Graduate Spotlight

"This was exactly what I was looking for – being able to do some online and some in person classes. I knew that I did not want to be completely online because I really enjoy that face to face interaction and getting to know my fellow students. That flexibility and the hybrid aspect really set this MBA program apart."


Audrey Prokop
Professional MBA, Class of 2020​
Enterprise Security Business Process Engineer, Franklin County Data Center (FCDC)

Audrey Prokop
Ohio University's Dublin Campus is part of the West Innovation District, where the University is helping create a community of businesses, research facilities and more. This location is ideal for connecting with members of your cohort and discovering emerging technologies in our state-of-the-art MBA classroom.

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Preview Your Experience

The Professional MBA offers an array of opportunities for experiential learning, including:

  • Participate in Interactive Workshops

    Delve into product development, marketing, branding and additional concepts relevant to business careers. You'll enrich your education with highly constructive and diverse activities that use real-world research from global companies.

  • Engage With Our Expert Faculty

    Benefit from one-on-one mentoring with a focus on analyzing data as you learn to glean business insights and make data-driven recommendations. Ohio University's faculty includes professionals with extensive leadership experience — tap into their expertise directly as you ideate concepts, analyze issues using data and get guidance on go-forward strategies.

  • Collaborate With Your Peers

    Team up with professionals in your cohort to analyze financial statements, develop a marketing plan and perform descriptive analytics. These interactions make Ohio University's Professional MBA more than an impactful education — it's also a great way to form lasting professional connections.

  • Explore Emerging Technologies

    Demo technology as you learn about augmented reality, virtual reality systems, manufacturing drones and other innovations through a business lens. Plus, gain hands-on experience involving artificial intelligence activities using a United Nations system that simulates ethical dilemmas with AI.

Graduate Spotlight

“I was impressed by OHIO’s PMBA program including the facilities on the Dublin, OH campus. Being able to foster relationships with a diverse set of cohort members, in person, was very important to me. I continue to stay in touch and meet up with most of our cohort years later!”


Shane Colvin
Ohio University BSA ‘10
Ohio University MBA ‘21
President- Magnum Magnetics

Shane Colvin

Answers to Common Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Experiential Learning opportunities available in Ohio University's Professional MBA program. To learn about additional benefits not covered here, contact our admissions team.

Will I attend the Experiential Learning sessions with my Professional MBA cohort?

Yes. Our Experiential Learning sessions provide opportunities to collaborate and engage face-to-face with other professionals in your cohort. These interactions offer opportunities to form valuable career connections and build your professional network.

How often will I attend the Professional MBA's Experiential Learning sessions?

Ohio University's Experiential Learning sessions take place one Saturday each month throughout your Professional MBA program. You'll complete the rest of the coursework online with the flexibility to continue working while pursuing your Professional MBA.

What types of activities do the Experiential Learning sessions offer?

The Experiential Learning activities include interactive professional development sessions, lively discussions, group projects and presentations to other professionals in your cohort. Moreover, Ohio University's expert faculty provide direct mentoring and guidance to prepare you for career success.

Does the Professional MBA include any other in-person experiences?

Yes! In addition to our monthly Experiential Learning sessions, you'll join fellow students at Ohio University's Leadership Development Conference in Athens, Ohio. We designed this two-day conference to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. You'll explore various aspects of leadership, including how to lead yourself and others while preparing to manage businesses and enterprises in today's business environment.

What hands-on learning options does the Professional MBA provide in addition to the Experiential Learning activities?

The Professional MBA concludes with an Applied Business Experience course, where professionals engage in consulting or simulated business activities. Build real-world experience in defining business challenges, assessing an organization and devising an action plan with practical solutions. To explore the coursework further, visit the MBA curriculum page and choose the 'Professional MBA' tab.

What does a student benefit from Experiential Learning?
  • Learn from experience: Roll up your sleeves to participate in hands-on workshops and other educational experiences involving core business functions.
  • Deepen your understanding: Ohio University's expert faculty members immerse you in course concepts rooted in real-world research and technologies.
  • Apply your knowledge: Participate in lively discussions and group work to develop leadership qualities that propel thriving businesses.
  • Team up with other learners: Work side-by-side with your classmates to complete projects, analyze data, create advertisements and more.
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