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Strategic Leadership Certificate

Develop your inner leader. Be the difference in business.

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Students must be great at their profession, but that is not enough. Although organizations are focused on the future, dealing with uncertainty and managing increasing complexity, they must also create present-day stability and growth. Strategic leadership refers to the ability to maintain a dual focus on a vision for the future and the operational mission of the present.

Strategic leadership does not come easily and research indicates that a company’s level of leadership development has a greater impact on their long-term business performance than most other factors. It is not surprising that a recent employer survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education found that executives are less interested in considering candidates with specific majors and more interested in candidates who have learned these key strategic skills.

The strategic leadership certificate is for any student looking to differentiate themselves in the competitive job marketplace through key business training and the ability to articulate how their leadership potential contributes to the strategic direction of the organization.

Courses in Strategic Leadership Certificate

The Strategic Leadership Certificate program consists of 15 semester hours and incorporates practical, hands-on experiences and activities that are designed to help you internalize the skills and attitude that is required for success as a strategic leader in organizations.

Core Courses (6 credit hours)

All students complete the following two courses:

  • MGT 2590 — Strategic Leadership Onboarding
    This course prepares students to become leaders and to embark on a path of personal leadership development to lead self through the framework of authentic leadership and within the context of strategic organizational objectives.
  • MGT 3400 — Organizational Behavior
    This course examines the behavior of individuals and groups in organizations. Focus on high performance and satisfaction in the modern workplace, and in context of cultural diversity, globalization, ethical behavior, and social responsibility. 

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Complete three of the following courses, one from each group:

Choose one from this group:

  • JOUR 2500 — Strategic Communication; Credit Hours: 3.0
  • COMS 2050 — Techniques of Group Discussion; Credit Hours: 3.0
  • COMS 2060 — Communication in Interpersonal Relationships; Credit Hours: 3.0

Choose one from this group:

  • MGT 4580 — Managing Transformations and Organizational Change; Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MGT 4430 — Decision Making; Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MGT 4640 — Cross-Cultural Leadership and Management; Credit Hours: 3.0

Choose one from this group:

  • MGT 3435 — Strategic Leadership in Practice; Credit Hours: 3.0
  • ET4950/5590 — Robe Leadership Seminar (ET Majors Only); Credit Hours: 3.0


An internship experience (for credit or not for credit) is strongly advised, but not required.

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For questions about Ohio University's Strategic Leadership Certificate, please contact Kim Jordan.

This leadership certificate is tied to the College of Business' Walter Center. The Ohio University College of Business established the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership in response to the challenges facing current and future leaders in industry today. The College of Business recognized a need to cultivate leadership potential by developing the skills through experiences offered by the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership.