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Eco Challenge

Four students stand next to each other holding first place certificates for the Eco Impact Challenge

The Eco Challenge is a semester-long, cross-disciplinary, team-based leadership experiential simulation focused on sustainability. In teams of five to seven, students work on a real-world sustainability issue on the Athens campus or surrounding community by envisioning a solution to a problem, working with community stakeholders, and presenting a business pitch for their solution. It extends beyond the classroom as students engage community stakeholders, visit sites, and develop a sustainability project with criteria for success with buy-in. Professionals in fields like data science, banking, and engineering provide tools and coaching to teams to develop criteria for measuring the impact and benefits of sustainability on people, the planet, and prosperity now and in the future.

The Challenge culminates in a final event with a pitch to a judging panel. In order to choose a winner, the judging panel assesses criteria, including validity and relevance of claimed benefits, implementation of practicality and risk, rigor and believability of the ROI analysis, clarity and completeness, response to potential concerns of all stakeholders affected, and professionalism.

Those interested in participating in the Eco Challenge can register for the MGT 3435 Leadership in Practice course, which is offered in the fall each year and also serves as the capstone for the Strategic Leadership Certificate.




Academic Credit

Students must enroll in MGT 3435 Leadership in Practice which is part of the Strategic Leadership Certificate (you do not have to add the certificate)

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More Information

Contact professor Kimberly Jordan, director of the Strategic Leadership Certificate, at for more information.


"The ECO Challenge was such a positive and impactful experience for me. Because of the ECO Challenge, I was able to work on an interdisciplinary team and create a viable solution for the University that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, as well as potentially reduce carbon emissions. I can truly say that this experience has been incredibly unique, rewarding, and beneficial for all involved."


- Veneman, College of Business senior studying marketing and management and strategic leadership