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Esports Certificate

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Learn More About the Esports Certificate

Ohio University's new Esports Certificate is your chance to get an esports credential on your transcript! The certificate blends knowledge from a number of different disciplines to get you ready to participate in management, technology, and game design for esports.

The Esports Certificate includes three tracks: Sport Management, Game Design, and Information Technology

This certificate is offered in partnership with the McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies.

Courses in Esports Certificate

The esports certificate requires a total of 19 credit hours.

Core Courses (6 hours)

All students complete the following two courses:

  • ITS 2140 - Introduction to IT Systems
  • SASM 1010 - Introduction to Sport Management

Choose your track (9 hours)

Students pick one of three tracks:

Sport Management

Students focusing on Sport Management have to take:

  • SASM 4140 - Business of Esports

They also have to choose two of the following:

  • SASM 4450 - Marketing Revenue Streams
  • MGT 3580 - Foundations of Event Management
  • MGT 3740 - Ideation and Business Models 

Game Design

Students focusing on Game Design have to take the following three courses:

  • MDIA/ECT 2401 - Game Design
  • MDIA/ECT 3401 - Game Development I
  • MDIA/ECT 4401 - Game Development II

Information Technology

Students focusing on Information Technology have to take the following two courses:

  • ITS 2300 - Data Communication
  • ITS 3100 - Internet Applications and Network Systems

They also have to choose one of the following:

  • ITS 4510 - Telecommunication Network Security
  • ITS 4750 - Internet Engineering
  • ITS 4900 - Topical Seminar (various topics)

Esports Seminar (1 hour)

This a one-credit-hour class exclusively designed for students in the esports certificate and team-taught by faculty from esports-related disciplines.

  • ECT/SASM 3005 - Esports Seminar

Choose a capstone class (3 hours)

Pick one of the following capstone courses:

  • MGT 3710 - Business Plan Design
  • COMS 4050 - Meeting and Conference Planning
  • SASM 3760 - Sport Facility and Event Management
  • ITS 4440 - Lifecycle Management of Information and Telecommunication Systems


Core courses (6 hours) + specialized path courses (9 hours) + Esports seminar (1 hour) + capstone (3 hours) = 19 credit hours


Admission Requirements

Future students: you'll add certificates, minors, and additional majors once you're enrolled at OHIO.

Current students: To add the certificate to your degree please contact the administrative staff from your college. The esports certificate code is CTESCU. If you are a Scripps College of Communication student, you can send the request to our administrative staff by filling out this form.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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