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Entrepreneurship Certificate

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The certificate in entrepreneurship exposes non-business majors to entrepreneurship and cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset. By earning a certificate, you will learn the tools for success in starting a business. A primary focus of the program is allowing the student to tailor the program to their individual program of study.

The certificate in entrepreneurship is offered through the Center for Entrepreneurship, a partnership between the College of Business and Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. Ohio University's Center for Entrepreneurship empowers students to turn ideas into action.

This Entrepreneurship Certificate program is intended only for students who are not enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. (BBA students should pursue the Entrepreneurship Major.)

Courses in Entrepreneurship Certificate

Core Courses

All students complete the following course:

  • MGT 3700 — Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    An introduction to the opportunities and challenges of creating and managing a new venture with emphasis is on how to manage a new venture and operate it profitably. (Credit Hours: 3.0)

Complete one of following courses:

  • MGT 3550 — Creativity and Innovation Management
    Examination of the role of creativity and innovation in business with a particular focus on the management of the innovation process. Explore personal creativity, management practices that enhance or suppress creativity, the relationship between creativity and innovation, and the process of innovation in a business setting. (Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • MGT 3740 — Ideation and Business Models
    This course is for entrepreneurs building the courage to create, and risk making mistakes in their quests for true innovations in products, services or processes. You will solve problems in uncertain and dynamic environments. Creativity is the central focus, which might be defined as ¿applying your mental ability and curiosity to discover something new¿the act of relating previously unrelated things.¿ More specifically, we focus on capitalist creativity. This means that we must apply a Business Model framework to your creativity. We demand that your solutions be profitable (have a potential to be profitable) and reflect bottom-line practicality. More importantly they must create value. We provide challenging places to fully engage your brain to discover patterns to produce breakthrough ideas that solve business problems. (Credit Hours: 3.0)

Complete one of the following courses:

  • MGT 3730 — Entrepreneurial Business Consulting
    During this applied learning experience, students are assigned to work as consultants with a real business. They will conduct background research, analyze the client’s current situation and context, and make recommendations on how to address a defined business problem. It is intended to enhance students’ analytical skills while giving them the opportunity to apply business and other academic concepts to a real-world situation. Also addressed are general business skills, such as report writing, presentation, client interaction skills, and team management skills. (Requisites: ACCT 3770 or MGT 3700; Credit Hours: 3.0; Lecture/Lab Hours: 1.0 lecture, 4.0 practicum)
  • MGT 3735 — Entrepreneurship in Practice
    Students will work in an action-based learning environment to create and implement innovative entrepreneurial solutions to real problems, by working towards creation of either start-ups or social ventures. (Credit Hours: 3.0)

Elective Course (6 credit hours)

Complete two 3-semester hour electives from preapproved courses from across the University

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