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Luke Pittaway

Luke Pittaway
Director of Innovation, Copeland Professor of Entrepreneurship
Copeland 330


  • Ph.D., University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Entrepreneurship 
  • B.A. University of Huddersfield, Hospitality Management

Research Interests

Dr. Pittaway’s research focuses on entrepreneurship education and learning and he has a range of other interests including: entrepreneurial behavior; networking; entrepreneurial failure; business growth; and, corporate venturing.

Selected Publications

  • Pittaway, L., 2021, Spaces for entrepreneurship education: a new campus arms race?, Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, Edward Elgar, NY, 978 1 78990 445 1
  • Bedo, Z., Erdos, K. and Pittaway, L., 2020, University-Centered Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 27 No. 7, pp. 1149-1166.
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  • Pittaway, L. 2019, Assessment in Entrepreneurship Education, Encyclopedia of Educational Innovation, Breum Ramsgaard, M., Springer, New York, NY.
  • Fox, J., Pittaway, L. and Uzuegbunam, I., 2018, Simulations in Entrepreneurship Education: Serious Games and Learning through Gameplay, Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, Vol. 1, Iss 1., 61-89.
  • Pittaway, L., Aïssaoui, R. and Fox, J. 2018, Social Constructionism and Entrepreneurial Opportunity, Philosophical Reflexivity in Entrepreneurship, Routledge, London.
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  • Fayolle, A., Pittaway, L., Toutain, O. and Politis, D., 2017, ‘Entrepreneurial Learning: Diversity of Education Practices and Complexity of Learning Processes’, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Vol. 29, Nos. 9-10.
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  • Uzuegbunam, I, Yin-Chi, L, Pittaway, L. and Jolley, J., 2017, Human Capital, Intellectual Capital and Government Venture Capital, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, Vol. 6 Issue: 3, pp.359-374.
  • Pittaway, L. and Tunstall, R., 2016, ‘Is there a Heffalump in the room? Examining Paradigms in Historical Entrepreneurship Research’, Advances in Critical Entrepreneurship Studies, Routledge, London.
  • Pittaway, L., Gazzard, J., Shore, A. and Williamson, T., 2015, ‘Student Clubs: Experiences in Entrepreneurial Learning’, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Vol. 27, No. 3-4, p.127-153.

Presentations & Awards

  • Top OHIO Faculty Newsmaker 2020
  • Partner Stewardship Award - Strategic Innovation 2019
  • Top OHIO Faculty Newsmaker 2019
  • Ohio University College of Business Research Impact Award 2018
  • Ohio House Resolution - for Entrepreneurship Education 2018
  • Ohio Senate Exemplary Attainment Award - Entrepreneurship Education 2018
  • USASBE Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year 2018
  • USASBE Ray Smilor Volunteer of the Year 2017
  • Ohio University Honors Tutorial College Distinguished Mentor 2016


Dr. Luke Pittaway is the O'Bleness Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio University (Athens, OH). He has served in leadership roles in the College of Business including, as Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Chair of the Department of Management and Associate Dean. In 2018 he was awarded USASBE's Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award.

Non-Executive, Advisory & Charity 

Ohio University Inn and Conference Center (Board of Directors), offering accommodation and conference rooms in Athens, OH.

K–Haus Limited (Advisor) an innovative designer and supplier of sustainable passivhaus prefabricated homes in the United Kingdom

United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Vice President of Research 2017) the largest independent professional academic organization dedicated to the discipline of entrepreneurship.