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J. Michael (Mike) Geringer

Michael Geringer, O'Bleness Professor of International Strategy; Director of Research
O'Bleness Professor of International Strategy
Copeland 626


  • Ph.D., Strategy and International Business, University of Washington (Seattle)
  • MBA (with Honors), University of Washington (Seattle)
  • B.S. in Business Administration (with High Distinction), Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Indiana University (Bloomington)


Dr. Geringer’s teaching, research, and consulting interests have focused on issues of international strategy, International business and management, international market entry, joint ventures and cooperative alliances, mergers and acquisitions, venture creation and nurturance, the strategic management of human and other core resources, and organizational structure and control.


Dr. Geringer is the first College of Business faculty member to receive Ohio University’s prestigious Presidential Research Scholar Award. He received the inaugural Research Impact Award from Ohio’s University’s College of Business as well as 12 "best paper" awards from various scholarly organizations, including the George and Sara McCune Best Paper Award from the journal Group and Organization Management and the Decade Award for most influential article from Journal of International Business Studies. He received the University Distinguished Scholar Award and the University Distinguished Teacher Award from Cal Poly, as well as the first International Educator Award. He received the Faculty Excellence Award and the Distinguished Teacher Award from the Orfalea College of Business. He was recognized as the Highest Rated Professor at Bond University in Australia and for the MBA cohorts of the Global School of Business in South Africa. He received the Best Professor of the Year Awards from the Korean Executive MBA Program and multiple times from the WSB University/Poznan School of Banking’s Executive MBA program in Poland. He received the Outstanding Professor Award from the Helsinki School of Economics and was appointed as the Saastamoinen Foundation Chair for the Helsinki School of Economics. He has also received multiple Lifetime Achievement Awards for his leadership, research, teaching, and service activities during his career.

Dr. Geringer serves on the editorial boards of over a dozen journals, including the Journal of World Business, the Journal of International Management, the Thunderbird International Business Review, and the Journal of East-West Business. He is one of the Editors for Wiley-Blackwell’s Global Dimensions of Business book series and U.S. Editor for the International Journal of Technopreneurship. He is Associate Editor for the International Journal of Management and Business and the American Journal of Business. He was Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances and Associate Editor for Journal of International Business Studies.

Selected Publications

Dr. Geringer has authored or edited over 50 books and monographs (including in English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian), over 135 published papers, and over 70 monographs, case studies, and other creative works. He has published 14 papers in the Financial Times Top 40 Journals. A study ranked him as one of the 5 most-published authors in international strategy. A selection of his publications includes:

  • Geringer, J. Michael, McNett, J. & Ball, D. (2022) International Business. 3e. Burr Ridge, Il: McGraw-Hill Education
  • Uzuegbunam, I., & Geringer, J. Michael. (2021) Culture, Connectedness and International Adoption of Disruptive Innovation. Journal of International Management, 27.
  • Aissaoui, R., Geringer, J. Michael, & Livanis, G. (2021). "Institutional Productivity of European Business Schools.” Management International Review.
  • Geringer, J. Michael, McNett, J. & Ball, D. (2020) International Business. 2e. Burr Ridge, Il: McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Geringer, J. Michael, Pendergast, William R., and Uzuegbunam, Ike (2019). “Firm Internationalization and CEO Perceptions of International Business Education and Skills.” Journal of Human Resources and Adult Learning, 15(1), June.
  • Aissaoui, Rachida, and Geringer, J Michael (2018). International Business Research Output and Rankings of Asia-Pacific Universities: A 40-Year Time-Series Analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 35(4), December, 993-1023, DOI: 10.1007/s10490-017-9536-x.
  • Uzuegbunam, Ike and Geringer, J. Michael (2018). Creative Destruction Within and Across Countries: Do Culture and Connectedness Matter? Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings. Chicago, IL: Academy of Management, August 2018. This paper was Finalist for the HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy Award, 2018.
  • Nies, K.J. and Geringer, J.M. (2018). The Business of Silence. Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy. New York: American Academy of Psychotherapists. Vol. 54 (Summer).
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  • Geringer, J. Michael, Hebert, L. (1991). Measuring Performance of International Joint Ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 22(2), 249-263.
  • Geringer, J. Michael (1991). Strategic Determinants of Partner Selection Criteria in International Joint Ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 22(1), 41-62.
  • Geringer, J. Michael, Hebert, L. (1989). Control and Performance of International Joint Ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 20(2), 235-254. Recipient of 1999 Decade Award for most influential article from 1989.
  • Geringer, J. Michael, Beamish, P. W., da Costa, R. C. (1989). Diversification Strategy and Internationalization: Implications for MNE Performance. Strategic Management Journal, 10(2), 109-120.

Professional Experience 

In addition to Ohio University, Dr. Geringer has taught at:

  • Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University (Texas)
  • Orfalea College of Business, California Polytechnic State University (California)
  • Fisher Graduate School of Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies (California)
  • Portland State University (Oregon)
  • Pepperdine University (California)
  • Foster School of Business, University of Washington (Seattle)
  • Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • Lajos Kossuth University/University of Debrecen (Hungary)
  • Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration/Aalto University (Helsinki and Mikkeli, Finland; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; and Beijing, China)
  • WSB University/Poznan School of Banking (Poland)
  • Institute of International Policy Studies/Seoul School of Economics (Seoul, Korea)
  • Global School of Business (Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town, S. Africa)
  • China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS, Shanghai & Beijing, China)
  • University of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Università Polytecnica della Marche (Ancona, Italy)
  • Bond University (Australia)


Dr. Geringer is the O’Bleness Professor of International Strategy and Director of Research at Ohio University’s College of Business. Prior to that, he was a tenured full Professor at California Polytechnic University’s Orfalea College of Business. In addition to his university activities, Dr. Geringer consults with a variety of domestic and multinational clients, including working with executives from several Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 organizations and other organizations, including Nokia, LG Electronics, Eastman Kodak, Lucent Technologies, Northern Telecom, Okobank, Rautaruukki, California Highway Patrol, Eastman Chemical, Ontario Ministry of Industry Technology and Trade, Jiangsu Telecom Industrial Corporation, Hansabank, Shinhan Bank, Perlos, STX Corporation, UPM Kymmene, Industry Science and Technology Canada, Y.I.T. Corporation, Economic Council of Canada, California Department of Transportation, Investment Canada, Yahoo!, and dozens of other large and small organizations on six continents.

Dr. Geringer is active in service, including several elected leadership positions in various national and international professional associations. He was founding Chairperson for the Strategic Alliances Committee of the Licensing Executives Society (an international society of licensing professionals). He served as Program Chair and Division Chair for the Academy of Management's International Management Division, and for both the International Business Division and the Policy and Strategy Division of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC). At California Polytechnic University, he served as Department Chair for the Global Strategy and Law Area; Director of Executive Education; Coordinator for the International Management Concentration for approximately 15 years; Chair of Cal Poly's University Distinguished Teaching Award Committee for 8 years. He also served on the Board of Directors of ASAC. He has been a member of the Board of Advisors for AIESEC-SLO and AIESEC in Ohio, has served as a coach and judge for venture capital competitions, has served as an Expert Witness in legal proceedings, and as a quoted expert for various local, national and international media groups, including television (e.g., CNN), radio, newspapers, and magazines. He was Executive Producer for Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter David Lynch's award-winning music CD entitled "I Can See Sound."

At OHIO, Dr. Geringer has been active in various activities, including: Director of Research; Director of the Center for International Business Education and Development; Chair of the Intellectual Contributions Continuous Improvement Team; Coordinator and Advisor of the International Business major; member of the University International Committee; member of Faculty Senate and the Finance & Facilities Committee; COB Executive Team; Chair of the International Business Continuous Improvement Team; Center for International Studies’ Global Studies Faculty Advisory Board; Study Abroad Risk Assessment Committee; the Dean’s Evaluation Committee; the COB Retention, Promotion and Tenure Committee; faculty advisor for the International Business Association; and founding faculty advisor for the AIESEC student club.