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Janna Chimeli

Janna Chimeli
Associate Professor of Instruction in Analytics & Information Systems; Director of Executive Education in Partnership with Latin America (LAIOB, IBC)
Muck 310


  • Ph.D., Ohio University, 2015. Experimental Psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Master of Science, Ohio University, 2012. Experimental Psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Judgment and Decision Making.
  • BS, Universidade Gama Filho, Brazil, 1997. Psychology.

Research Interests

Information acquisition (selection, elimination, evaluation), judgment (bias), and decision making.

Professional Experience

Faculty Member (Lecturer), Ohio University College of Business, 2014-present.

Select Publications

  • Gonzalez-Vallejo, C., Xu, P., Weinhardt, J., Chimeli, J., & Karadogan, F. (2015 – em revisão) Recognition and Knowledge Processes in Comparative Judgement of City Populations. Judgment Decision Making. 
  • González-Vallejo, C., Cheng, J., Phillips, N., Chimeli, J., Bellezza, F., Harman, J., Lassiter, G.D., & Lindberg, J. (2013). Early Positive Information Impacts Final Evaluations: No Deliberation-Without-Attention Effect and a Test of a Dynamic Judgment Model. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.
  • Weinhardt, J.M., Morse, B., Chimeli, J. & Fisher, J., (2012). An item response theory and factor analytic examination of two prominent maximizing tendency scales. Judgment Decision Making.


Janna Chimeli is a Lecturer of Management Information Systems Department of the College of Business. She teaches coursework in analytics and research. Janna Chimeli is a professional with 10 years’ experience in teaching, educational planning, research, research training, and quantitative analyses, particularly statistical analyses, SPSS and Excel.