Ohio University

Breakthrough Objective: Equity and Social Justice


The OHIO Division of Student Affairs will ensure that a framework of equity and social justice is embedded into its day-to-day work.

Key Results

  • 1A: We will be the kind of division that values growth, strives for inclusion and cultivates community.
  • 1B: Cultural competency will be built into the job descriptions of all DOSA employees, and the skills/cultural competence of its staff will be evaluated annually.   
  • 1C: Every employee will have a personal professional development goal around equity and social justice; each department will develop and implement a yearly service growth and improvement plan around equity and social justice.
  • 1D: Every employee will be provided quality equity and social justice training annually by the division.

Year one updates Year Two updates

Accomplished in Fall 2019

  • Developed and distributed a DOSA staff climate survey 
  • Collected DOSA departmental ESJ goals 
  • Selected and distributed a personal assessment tool (DAP) to help employees create ESJ personal goals 
  • Distributed in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement 
  • 82% of DOSA position descriptions have been changed to include ESJ language 

Next for Spring 2020

  • Collect and distribute DOSA staff climate survey results 
  • Distribute more clear guidelines and expectations for annual departmental ESJ goals 
  • Administer staff personal assessment tool (DAP) to classified non-bargaining unit DOSA staff
  • Distribute in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement


Guidance on Creating Department Level Social Justice Goals [Word]

2019 Staff Climate Survey

Division of Student Affairs: Equity & Social Justice Climate Survey [Word]
Climate Survey Executive Summary [PDF]
Climate Survey Results [PPT]

Committee for Equity and Social Justice


Jenny Hall-Jones, senior associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students

Vice Chair

Lindsey Ward, associate director for leadership, inclusion, and staff training, Career and Leadership Development Center

Staffed by

  • Tammy Andrews, administrative specialist, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Jneanne Hacker, director of business and conference services, Housing and Residence Life
  • Mat Hall, assistant director of health promotion for sexual assault/misconduct, Health Promotion
  • Katie Meisky, assistant manager, Culinary Services
  • Erin Robb, auxiliaries procurement and contract manager, Auxiliaries
  • Rich Schmaltz, human resources liaison, Office of Human Resources
  • Tamika Williams, assistant director, Career and Leadership Development Center for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Kristyn Neckles, psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Alexandria Polanosky, assistant director of marketing & design, Student Affairs Communication and Marketing
  • Dane Bennett, assistant director, Community Standards and Student Responsibility
  • Jason Timpson, assistant director equity and inclusion, Housing and Residence Life
  • Ariel Tarosky, director, Sorority and Fraternity Life and
  • Micah McCarey, interim director, LGBT Center
  • Cynthia Cogswell, director of strategic planning and assessment, Division of Student Affairs


If you are interested in joining the committee, attending meetings, or viewing meeting minutes, please contact Tammy Andrews at andrewt1@ohio.edu.