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Equity and Social Justice

2021 Conference


The OHIO Division of Student Affairs will ensure that a framework of equity and social justice is embedded into its day-to-day work.

Key Results

  • 1A: We will be the kind of division that values growth, strives for inclusion and cultivates community.
  • 1B: Cultural competency will be built into the job descriptions of all DOSA employees, and the skills/cultural competence of its staff will be evaluated annually.   
  • 1C: Every employee will have a personal professional development goal around equity and social justice; each department will develop and implement a yearly service growth and improvement plan around equity and social justice.
  • 1D: Every employee will be provided quality equity and social justice training annually by the division.

Year One Updates Year Two Updates

Accomplished in Fall 2019

  • Developed and distributed a DOSA staff climate survey 
  • Collected DOSA departmental ESJ goals 
  • Selected and distributed a personal assessment tool (DAP) to help employees create ESJ personal goals 
  • Distributed in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement 
  • 82% of DOSA position descriptions have been changed to include ESJ language 

Accomplished in Spring 2020

  • Collected and distributed DOSA staff climate survey results 
  • Distributed more clear guidelines and expectations for annual departmental ESJ goals 
  • Administered staff personal assessment tool (DAP) to classified non-bargaining unit DOSA staff
  • Distributed an in-service menu to help DOSA employees fulfill in-service requirement

Accomplished in Fall 2020

  • Communicated new in-service reporting and reflection tool for staff to customize their professional development experiences related to ESJ
  • Launched a new ESJ onboarding series in partnership with the Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Accomplished in Spring 2021

  • Hosted a DOSA professional development experience featuring conference-style programming tailored to a variety of ESJ competencies for all staff
  • Presented an ESJ storytelling session to DOSA leaders about the impact of the committee's work on the OHIO community

Accomplished in Summer 2021

  • Developed and implemented a Diversity and Social Justice training for all new staff.

Coming in Fall 2021

  • Continue committee's commitment to storytelling.
  • Program development for 2022 professional development experience.


Guidance on Creating Department Level Social Justice Goals [Word]

2019 Staff Climate Survey

2019 Staff Climate Survey [Word]
Division of Student Affairs: Equity & Social Justice Climate Survey [Word]
Climate Survey Executive Summary [PDF]
Climate Survey Results [PPT]

Committee for Equity and Social Justice


Megan Vogel, chief of staff, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Staffed by

  • Tammy Babylon, office administrator, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Drew Banks, general manager - campus cafes, Culinary Services
  • Dorian Callahan, staff counselor, Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Cynthia Cogswell, director of strategic planning and assessment, Division of Student Affairs
  • Meagan Day, assistant director, facility operations for Bird Ice Arena & Walter Fieldhouse, Campus Recreation
  • Jacob Hesse, assistant director of business and conference services, Housing and Residence Life
  • Makenzie Olaker, assistant director for student engagement, Campus Involvement Center
  • Chris Reghetti-Feyler, assistant director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Jim Sand, community volunteer
  • Rich Schmaltz, human resources liaison, Office of Human Resources
  • Jivanto van Hemert, director of COVID case management
  • KC Waltz, survivor advocate and case manager, Survivor Advocacy Program
  • Makayla Westerfeld, graduate assistant, Office of Event Services


If you are interested in joining the committee, attending meetings, or viewing meeting minutes, please contact Tammy Babylon at babylon@ohio.edu