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Frontiers in Science

OHIO’s Frontiers in Science lecture series was established in 1991 by a gift from Jeanette Grasselli Brown, an OHIO alumna and former University trustee, and her husband, Glenn R. Brown. The series features scientists who have been recognized for their commitment to share their scientific knowledge with individuals of all ages.

Speakers 2020-21

Colonel Eileen Collins Headshot

Leadership and Women in Space

Colonel Eileen Collins

As a highly sought-after diversity speaker, astronaut Eileen Collins discusses the leadership and personal qualities necessary for success. She shares how her career as an astronaut took shape, from her early years in the Air Force, to becoming the first woman to command a shuttle mission. She includes projections on the future of NASA and its ability to focus on new space ventures. Collins discusses key factors for successful leadership, focusing on dealing with people and mistakes, safety, and creative management. Her inspirational story, which shows that success is the result of a team effort, motivates and resonates with audiences regardless of their profession. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 7:30 p.m. 

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