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Bobcat Depot

The Bobcat Depot (July 2014) is a partnership joining Bobcat Essentials (originally opened in Feb 2007 on the 4th floor of Baker University Center) and Technology Depot (originally opened in July 2008 on the 1st floor of Baker Center). Bobcat Depot is located on the 1st floor of Baker University Center on the Athens campus. We also have four additional locations on our Lancaster, Southern, Chillicothe, and Eastern Campuses.

Apparel & Extras

Bobcat Depot is Ohio University owned and operated. We offer a wide selection of apparel, hats, and gifts, from an array of different brands including: Under Armour, Nike, Champion, Russell, and many more. We also offer a wide selection of convenience items, spirit and game day attire and office supplies.

Technology Sales & Service

Bobcat Depot is an Apple Authorized Campus Store and Dell Reseller. We offer the newest Apple computers at educational prices, as well as the Dell Latitude series at state-discounted prices. We also provide in-store service and support for all models that we sell. Additional services provided include: software installation, virus removal, basic troubleshooting, etc. Our Tech Gurus are certified and authorized to work on all Apple and Dell business-class machines. We also sell a wide variety of technology accessories at conveniently low prices.


If you are located on the main campus you can purchase your textbooks online directly from MBS Direct Book Company. If you are located on a regional campus you can simply go to that campus' Bobcat Depot bookstore and purchase your books in-store or you also have the option to purchase on line through our webpage.

Bobcat Depot is your one-stop shop for all of your Bobcat needs.