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Baker University Center

Connecting the upper and lower campus, Baker University Center is a vibrant hub, welcoming and serving all members of our community--from university students, faculty, and staff, to parents, alumni, community members, and other campus visitors.

Baker University Center offers state-of-the-art conference and event spaces, extensive support for students and their leadership development, exciting dining options, comfortable places to be, and service that will exceed your expectations.

Baker University Center is home to art galleries, student organization offices, centers that support our diverse campus, services, amenities, and university departments.

For a more in depth view of the spaces that Baker University Center has to offer, see below or view our floor maps. If you would like to reserve a space in Baker University Center, contact Conference and Event Services Reservations in room 419 of Baker University Center or by calling 740.593.4021. Ohio University constituents, please use virtual EMS to create your reservation.

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Baker University Center on College Green


The Grand Ballroom

The John Calhoun Baker University Center Grand Ballroom seats 800 individuals in theater style and 385 individuals banquet style.

Baker ballroom


Ballroom A & B

The John Calhoun Baker University Center Ballroom A and B seats 350 individuals in theater style and 192 individuals banquet style.

Baker Ballroom A/B



The Baker University Theater has 190 built in theater style seats. If your event needs accommodation for more seating, our staff can add an additional 50 seats for a total of 240 capacity.



Theater Lounge

The Theater Lounge in the Baker University Center can accommodate 225 individuals in theater style seating.

theater lounge


Honors Collegium

The Honors Collegium is not a reservable space and is attached to Ballroom reservations only.

Honors Collegium


1804 Lounge

The 1804 Lounge in the Baker University Center is available as an as-is setup. 

1804 lounge


Front Room

The Baker University Center Front Room is a reservable space in which the layout stays as-is. In addition, this is a space that is also open to the public, even while events are taking place. The stage is the only reservable area. 

front room


Maggie Davis Room

The Maggie Davis room in the Baker University Center can accommodate 32 individuals in conference style set-up.

Maggie Davis Room


Combo Room: 240/242

Room 240 and 242 in Baker University Center can be separate rooms, or can be combined to offer double the seating configurations. Rooms alone offer accommodations for 40 individuals in conference style seating, 110 in Theater Style seating and 80 in banquet style seating. When rooms are combined, conference style seating becomes usable to 80, theater style to 220 and banquet style to 160.

Combo room


3rd, 4th, and 5th Floor Atrium Spaces

The Atrium spaces in the Baker University Center are located on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. These spaces can accommodate 50 individuals in theater style seating. In addition to theater style, many customers utilize these spaces for table space and promotion and can also accommodate limited banquet style seating. The 4th floor atrium space is only reservable when the Ballroom is also reserved.



Conference Rooms

Conference room set-up options and capacities vary.

conference room