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Planning Tools

Below you will find a list of helpful documents and links that will assist in the reservation process. If you have any questions, please contact our reservations office at 740.593.4021.

Virtual EMS Guide

A simple guide to assist you in making reservations on our Virtual EMS web application.

Equipment, Room and Staffing Rates

Rates for our services and rooms are located here.

Alcohol Application

All events held at Ohio University at which alcoholic beverages will be sold or distributed must comply with university policy requirements and must be approved in advance.

Digital Display Ads

To prepare a digital display ad, please make sure to make your reservation prior to submitting artwork. Artwork should be emailed to Erin Wooten (dunne1@ohio.edu). Emails must include billing account number and the dates your display ad will run. The guidelines for the production of slides for online submission are available below:

  • 1068 pixels wide x 600 pixels high 72 dpi JPEG format (no optimization/compression necessary)
  • Must include the Ohio University department or registered student organization name on slide
  • Please include in email your billing account number and dates your display advertisement will run
  • All information must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the first run date of your display

Event Planning Checklist

Easy to follow infographic listing the steps involved to having a successful event.

Event Schedule

Want to know what's going on in our spaces? Use our schedule on Virtual EMS to see!

Early Open/ Late Close Request

Requests to keep an Event Services facility open beyond specific normal operation hours must be approved by the Executive Director, or designee, prior to final confirmation of reservation. After this request form is received by the Administrative Office (located in Baker 347), it will be reviewed and confirmed with the requestor. Event Services requires 45 days advance notice to insure adequate staffing of the event space. There will be an $85.00 fee for each hour (in one hour increments) that exceeds past building hours for an approved early open/ late close reservation. Early open requests should not exceed prior to 5:00 am while late close requests should not exceed past 2:00 am.