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Program Details

Official Description of the MITS Program

The MITS degree is described in the Graduate Catalog published by Ohio University. The residential and the on-line versions have the same requirements, so they share the same description in the catalog. Here is the link to the section titled “Information and Telecommunication Systems – MITS“. (Note: the catalog has the former name of the McClure School, and will be updated in the future - the MITS degree stays the same.)

What Classes to Take, and In What Order

The MITS courses are grouped into three sections:

Introductory Classes

Every student (both residential and on-line) takes these classes:


The MITS degree requires that students take 5 elective classes. One of these classes can be a non-ITS class (called a “cognate” class). On-line students generally take 5 ITS classes, or request credit for a graduate class taken elsewhere. The ITS elective classes below are available on-line.

  • ITS 5370 Wireless Telecommunication
  • ITS 5290 – Communication Network Analysis and Design
  • ITS 5310 – Privacy in the Internet Age *
  • ITS 5510 – Telecommunication Network Security
  • ITS 6790 – Theory of Communication Networks
  • ITS 6900 – Topical Seminars on current topics. Recent classes:
    • Internet of Things
    • Applied Networking (focus on cloud computing)
    • Software Defined Networks
    • Smart Cities
    • Big Data Engineering

* These courses are offered in an asynchronous format, based on the BlackBoard learning platform and E-Mail.

Capstone Class and Culminating Experience

The final required class, taken by all students, is ITS 6440. This class is case-study based, and allows students to apply their course knowledge.

  • ITS 6440 – Strategic Issues in Information and Telecommunication Systems

Every student (residential and on-line) must complete one of the culminating experiences listed below. All options are available to on-line students, although the professional project is the best suited working IT professionals.

  • ITS 6935 – Advanced Readings and Comprehensive Exam
    • Students sit for a day-long exam based on an extensive reading list. On-line students must travel to Athens to sit for the exam.
  • ITS 6945 – Professional Project
    • Students complete an applied IT project under the supervision of a faculty committee, and present the result of the project before the committee.
  • ITS 6950 – Thesis
    • Students complete a research project under the guidance of a faculty committee, and defend the results of the research before the committee.