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Online Master's in ITS

As of Fall 2021, the online MITS is not accepting new applications.

What is the MITS?

First off, the Master in Information and Telecommunication Systems (MITS) program is not a generic business degree. Rather, it is a content-driven degree focusing on all aspects of the IT industry: Technology, Economics, and Management. Upon completing the MITS progam, you will have gained in-depth skills and knowledge allowing you to better adapt to the ever-changing IT environment, and to gain a deep understanding of how to utilize IT technology to create business solutions.

Why does the MITS work?

The MITS degree program consists of three components:

  1. The introductory courses:
    • Catch up on the latest developments in IT technology and close any gaps in your knowledge
    • Gain a deep understanding of the IT regulatory environment and rules, and the economic theory behind the rules
    • Study advanced research tools to be able to apply statistics, data gathering, and data analysis techniques correctly and efficiently
  2. Electives
    • Choose from a list of classes providing in-depth information about specific topics, including a number of hands-on “lab” classes
  3. Completion
    • In the cap-stone course, focus on the application of everything you have learned so far in a case-study based course.
    • Complete a professional project, applying your course knowledge to a real-life problem under the guidance of a McClure faculty committee

Once you complete the MITS program you will be ready to tackle complex IT projects with new-found confidence and skills!

Ready to get started?

At this time, the online MITS program is not accepting new applications.

The Ohio University Bursar maintains a “Tuition Schedule for Off-Campus Graduate Programs [PDF]” page. The MITS degree rates are near the bottom of the page under “Scripps College of Communication”.

Want to see more details?

The “Program Details” page contains information on what courses you will take, and other information on the content of the program.

“The online courses have exceeded my expectations. It is just like being in the classroom with the other students. The technology provided has been fantastic and very easy to use. It has also been a great benefit to have the lectures posted online for review after the class is over.” — Steven McCullough, Systems Engineer Consultant, Progressive Insurance