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McClure School News Archive

  • A Conversation with Jim Gay

    Jim Gay and Adam Maslowski talk about social media, smart cities, and charity.

  • A message of support from Dean Titsworth

    Dean Titsworth reaffirms the college's commitment to supporting survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

  • Third annual Business of Games Summit to promote fast-growing gaming and esports industry

    Ohio University’s third annual Business of Games Summit on Feb. 23, 2021, held virtually this year, will focus on the trends and opportunities in the fast-growing gaming and esports industry.

  • A message from Dean Scott Titsworth

    Dean Scott Titsworth reviews the year in Scripps College news.

  • The Privacy Concerns of Social Media – A on-the-surface look into TikTok

    TikTok is a short form video sharing app that, rather than having the majority of their users’ social interactions be based on pictures or written comments, let’s users make and share 15 second videos with their friends and followers.  The app has been increasing in popularity, their user-base amounting to 850 million, but news resources have been discussing the privacy concerns of the app.

  • Dean Scott Titsworth's View on Scripps' Role in the Community

    Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and remotely interview the dean of our college, Dr. Scott Titsworth. The conversation focused around the role of the Scripps College in the community and the challenges the pandemic brings. 

  • Scripps launches new podcasting certificate

    The new undergraduate Podcasting Certificate will provide students with media and journalism training in the popular and expanding communication medium.

  • Learning to Learn: Twitch Streams with Dr. Hans Kruse

    Former McClure School director Hans Kruse discusses his plans for a series of streams that explore his approach to learning new things in both the IT and gaming world.

  • AI for Social Good: What Next?

    On September 29th, 2020, the AI for Good Global Summit held a webinar for a keynote speaker to discuss the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (AI) and about principles which should govern new social norms and legislation about its use.

  • VR for Social Good: VHIL

    When does the brain treat virtual and augmented reality as if they were real? How do virtual experiences affect people? What psychological theories explain how we interact with virtual people? How can augmented reality systems maximize remote communication?