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Jeffrey Kuhn

Jeffrey Kuhn
Director of OHIO Esports
Scripps Hall 102

Area of Expertise

  • Immersive Environments and games for Learning
  • Game Design and Theory
  • Instructional Design

Jeff Kuhn serves a split appointment at OHIO University, working for the Office of Instructional Innovation and in the Games Research and Immersive Design (Grid) Lab. He works with faculty to integrate immersive media into their classroom practice and spearheads OHIO’s esports initiative. He frequently delivers talks and keynote addresses on game design, games and learning, and the need for games literacy in educators.

Jeff served in Peace Corps Mongolia before receiving his Master’s in Linguistics and PhD in Educational Technology. His dissertation explored the problem-solving and distributed cognition of online gamers and his subsequent research has investigated human behavior in digital environments. During his PhD program Jeff worked on a variety of games and augmented reality projects including serving as producer for the U.S. Department of State’s Trace Effects.

Courses Taught

  • Virtual Reality Critical Analysis and Evaluation
  • Special Topics in Communication: Building Virtual Worlds
  • Virtual Reality: Project Development