Ohio University

Games/VR/Animation Plans of Study

Learning community, English and core classes

For both Games and Animations you will need to select the following classes:

1. MDIA 1010 (3 credit hours)

2. MDIA 1020 (3 credit hours)

3. ECT 1210 (3 credit hours)

4. ECT 1210 Lab (1 credit hour)

5. UC 1900 Learning Community. Your advisor will help you select the right learning community for your major. (1 credit hour)

6. BRICKS related class (e.g., ENG 1510) (3 credit hour)

7. Additional one credit hour to complete 15 credit hours (e.g., PAW class)

BRICKS Strategies

Remember that you need to "cover" four BRICK areas: Foundations, Pillars, Arches and Bridges.  Then you must select one/two more class to get the required hours (which area that class is in does not matter). 

The table below shows these classes and suggests efficient strategies to fill in the gaps. Most classes are 3 credit hours, a few may be 4.

Super Useful: On the Course Offerings page you can search for BRICKS courses by category (e.g., Pillars, Arches, Bridges, etc.).

Recommendations for Fall

Class Foundations   Pillars   Arches   Bridges
ENG 1510 (or equivalent from DARS) (see above for details)                                  
MATH 1200 (or equivalent from DARS)                                  
COMS1030 Public Speaking                              
ECT1210 Understanding Virtual Reality Technology                                  
PBIO 1030 Plants and People                                  
GEOG 1310 Globalization and the Developing World                                
ANTH 1010 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                                
HIST 1320 Introduction to the World before 1750                                  
Introductory language classes                                    
FAR 1500 Viewing Performance                                
ART 1100 Seeing and Knowing Visual Arts (online)                                  
BIOS 1030 Human Biology                                  
BIOS 2500 Evolution: The history of life on earth                                  
CLWR 1810 Introduction to the study of religion                                  
MUS 1210 Introduction to world music                                
HIST 1210 Western civilization: antiquity to 1500                                  

Key: (number in parenthesis indicates number of credit hours needed per theme)

Foundations: FWC=Written Communication (3), AW=Advanced Writing (3), QR=Quantitative Reasoning (3), IE=Intercultural Exploration(3)

Pillars: HTC=Humanities, Text and Contexts (3), HA=Humanities, Arts (3), NS=Natural Sciences (3),SBS=Social or Behavioral Sciences (3)

Arches: CSW=Constructed World (3), NW=Natural World (3), CNW=Connected World (3)

Bridges: ER=Ethics and Reasoning (1), DP=Diversity and Practice (1), SL=Speaking and Listening (1), LD=Learning and Doing (1)

Plans of Study

Depending on your interest, either (a) Games or (b) Animation, select the appropriate tab from this spreadsheet to view your plan of study [Google Sheet]