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Wi-Fi and Network

Wi-Fi and network

Connecting on campus

  • Many devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can connect to eduroam. To connect other devices such as smart TVs, game consoles, smart speakers, and wireless printers, you will need to register your device.
  • Residence halls are equipped with Wi-Fi (no Ethernet ports).
  • Most buildings on the Athens campus have Wi-Fi. Reception is also available in many outdoor locations and parking lots.

Connect to Wi-Fi on any device 

Connecting off campus

Some university applications and tools can only be accessed using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

  • Campus VPN creates a secure tunnel to the campus network, making your local device appear to be a part of the University network. When connected, OHIO related internet traffic goes through the campus network.
    • Campus VPN is currently available for faculty and staff.
  • VMware Horizon View (VDI) allows you to remotely access a Windows desktop environment from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. When connected, the virtual desktop's screen images are sent to your device, and your keystrokes and mouse movements are sent to the virtual PC. This lets you easily access University resources and applications from your personal device. 
    • VDI is currently available for faculty, staff, and students.
FeatureCampus VPNVMware Horizon View (VDI)
Resource-intensive for your deviceYesNo
Works with high latency connections (e.g., satellite internet)NoNo
Allows you to print wirelessly to OHIO printers from off-campusYesBy request
Available for faculty and staffYesYes
Available for emeritiYesNo
Available for studentsBy requestYes (Features will vary depending on course enrollment and college affiliation) 
Available for graduate student employeesYesNo
Requires multi-factor authentication to accessYesNo
Best for accessing sensitive dataNo - though the VPN connection itself is secure, it does create local copies of data on your device while you workYes - data does not leave the virtual desktop unless you configure it to do so
Best for accessing University-supported, Windows-based applications (e.g. computer lab applications)NoYes - list of applications
Access to Network Attached Storage (NAS) on and
Licensing access to validate/activate software like ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and Microsoft workstationsYesNo