Student Employment Time Reporting Procedure

   1. Required Forms

      Once a student has been hired for a student employment position, the student and supervisor (or other departmental designee) must complete the appropriate payroll forms, which are available from the Payroll Office:

   2. Time Reporting and Schedules

         1.Work Schedule

               1.Work and Academic Responsibilities

                  Part-time student employment should not interfere with a student's educational goals; therefore, the student should attempt to establish a reasonable balance between his/her academic efforts and work schedule. The student and supervisor should decide on a mutually agreeable work schedule, and a student should never miss class in order to work.

               2.Working During Periods of Enrollment

                  Student employees are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week/40 hours per biweekly pay period when classes are in session. The department will determine the number of hours per week that SHE employees work; FWS students may work based upon their award amount (approximately 8 hours per week); PACE employees may work approximately 10 hours per week.

               3.Working During Periods of Non-Enrollment

                  During periods of non-enrollment (summer and/or breaks), a SHE employee is permitted to work up to 40 hours per week, provided funds and work opportunities are available. FWS and PACE employees do not normally work during periods of non-enrollment; however, special permission can be requested in writing from the OSFAS.

               4.Hours Maximum

                  Students may work no more than 1,039 hours per calendar year unless an exception has been requested and granted by University Human Resources.

         2. Reporting Time Worked

            The student and department must report time worked. Workforce is the time entry system currently used by most departments.

            The student’s time should be reported daily with actual start and quit times. Both the student and supervisor must approve the time reported prior to submission. Any falsification or misrepresentation on a time sheet is a serious offense and may be punishable under state law.

            The student must submit the completed time sheet electronically to his/her supervisor (or other departmental designee) when finished working for the pay period. Both the student and the department are responsible for ensuring that the time sheet is correct. If time submitted is incomplete or late, the student's paycheck may be delayed.

            If time is reported through PACE or FWS for a student not authorized through these programs, wages will be billed to the departmental account. The OSFAS is responsible for making final determination of a student’s eligibility for FWS or PACE and providing that information to employers.

         3. Paychecks

            The student is paid every two weeks based upon the number of hours worked the previous two weeks. Information pertaining to student pay can be found on the Payroll Office website.

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