FWS Procedure

   1. Hiring Procedure

         1. Responsibilities of the Hiring Department

            Departments that have received FWS students in the past will continue to receive FWS employees for future quarters as available. New departments or departments which have not previously had FWS students will need to request students by accessing the FWS website.

         2. Responsibilities of the Student

               1. Prerequisites

                  In order to be considered for FWS, a student must complete the FAFSA by the published deadline each year and show sufficient financial need. After the award has been made the students will be given instructions via their award letter on how to select an FWS position. They will be directed to the FWS website where they will be able to view and select from all open positions. After the student selects their position online, an email is sent to the department supervisor informing them of their new work study hire. Also at that time the student is able to view their pay rate and the number of hours they are permitted to work. They are also given information on how to contact their supervisor.

                  Students simultaneously holding FWS and SHE positions are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week.

         3. Responsibilities of the OSFAS

            The OSFAS attempts to equitably distribute the available FWS students among the departments requesting such assistance. However, the demand for students typically exceeds the supply; therefore, not all requests for FWS assistance can be fully met. Each time a student selects a position with a department, the department supervisor receives an email, giving them the students name and email address. The department's online FWS roster is also updated with the name of the student, address, amount of award, pay rate and the number of hours permitted to work. Occasionally, the OSFAS must make an adjustment in a student's FWS award. If a FWS student's award is adjusted, both the department and the student will be notified.

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