Corrective Action/Termination

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to bring any dissatisfaction with a student's job performance or behavior to his/her attention. If corrective action is necessary, Ohio University adheres to a practice of progressive, educational discipline for just cause. For lesser offenses (such as attendance problems, tardiness, low productivity, etc.) the supervisor should follow the four steps listed below moving to the next level of action if the condition continues:

   1. Give the student verbal coaching/counseling or warning and keep a written record of the

   2. Give the student a written notice of the performance or behavior that is not satisfactory
       along with the preferred performance level or behavior.

   3. Place the student on suspension for a minimum of three days to a maximum of fourteen
       days. (The supervisor may use the Discipline Report Form to document the suspension).
       The OSFAS should be notified in writing if a student is suspended. The student should
       also receive written documentation of the reason for suspension and the terms/dates of

   4. Terminate the student's employment with notification in writing to the student and to

A student may be discharged immediately for any serious, willful, flagrant violation of University or departmental policy and/or the law (such as breach of confidentiality, the falsification of records, unauthorized use of University property, etc.). The supervisor may also refer the student to University Judiciaries depending upon the nature of the offense. If a student is disciplined or discharged, the student has the right to appeal according to the appeal procedure outlined in section 10 of the student employment policy and procedure. 

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