Student Employment Compensation 

1. Wages (Note: This section should change pending implementation of Student Pay Plan)

        1.  Regular Time

            All student employees will be paid at least the federal minimum wage or state
            minimum wage, whichever is greater. A department may recommend an increase in
            pay rate based upon merit and/or length of service.

         2. Overtime

             Students should not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in
             session. In the rare event that a student employee works more than 40 hours per 
             week, the student must be paid the overtime rate for any hours worked in excess of
             40. FWS and PACE cannot to used to pay overtime wages; overtime must be
             charged to the employing department.

   2. Holidays

      In general, student employees are not required to work on recognized holidays.
      (Recognized holidays are indicated on the official University calendar.) However, some
      University departments may be required to maintain services on holidays, and students
      may be scheduled to work. If a student works on a holiday, he/she will be paid at the
      regular rate of pay.

   3. Sick Leave

      Sick leave benefits are not extended to student employees. However, it is not intended
      that students lose their jobs because of reasonable absences associated with illnesses. If
      a student is ill, the student should notify his/her supervisor as early as possible on or
      before  the day of each absence. The department may require a statement from a doctor
      or medical provider for prolonged or frequent absence. The failure of a student to notify
      the department may be cause for corrective action.

   4. Vacation Time

      Vacation benefits are not extended to student employees. The student may make
      arrangements for time off without pay according to departmental procedures.

   5. Work Breaks

      If a student works more than four consecutive hours in the same department, he/she is
      entitled to a 15-minute paid work break during the course of the four hours. If a student
      works more than five consecutive hours, the student is entitled to a work break and at
      least a 30-minute non-paid meal break prior to the end of the five hours.

   6. Injury on the Job

      The provisions of the Workers Compensation Law of Ohio protect all employees of the
       University. If a student is injured on the job in the performance of job duties, the
       supervisor should assist the student in obtaining medical treatment if needed. As soon as
       possible, an Occupational Injury or Illness Investigation Report should be completed. If
       Worker's Compensation is sought, the student should initiate a Worker's Compensation
       Claim Form. Both forms are available from Environmental Health and Safety, Human
       Resources and Training Center. Please Note: A student is covered by Worker's
       Compensation as long as the student is performing bona fide job duties; however, the
       student is not covered by Worker's Compensation if conducting personal business for
       himself/herself, the supervisor or any other party.

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