Responsibility Centered Strategy Group


The Responsibility Centered (RC) Strategy Group was created in Fall 2013 to discuss financial and administrative challenges, improve communications, and promote joint problem solving. Members in this group develop solutions on behalf of their units and are responsible for leading any respective communication, training, and implementation within their unit. As a team, the RC Strategy Group responds to issues and develops solutions that are compliant with external regulations and internal policies while being sensitive to maintaining a collaborative environment and resource constraints.


Representative Planning Unit
Kelly Broughton University Libraries
Deb Shaffer Division of Finance and Administration

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Membership List
Planning Unit or Department Representative
College of Arts and Sciences April Howard
College of Business Phil Taylor
College of Fine Arts Kari Saunier
College of Health Sciences and Professions Tia Barrett
Division of Finance and Administration Tina Payne
Division of Student Affairs Megan Vogel
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Shelley Ruff
Honors Tutorial College Cary Frith
Intercollegiate Athletics Rich Franchak
Office of Global Affairs and International Studies Diane Cahill
Office of the Provost

Sheila Schultz

Patton College of Education Beth Lydic
Regional Campuses Rosanna Howard
Division of Research Keith Leffler
Russ College of Engineering and Technology Luanne Bowman
Scripps College of Communication Heather Krugman
University Advancement Candice Casto
University College Wendy Merb-Brown
University Libraries Kelly Broughton
Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Service Michael Finney


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