Campus Partnerships

In an effort to strengthen business partnerships across campus, there is an increasing focus on cross-functional and cross-planning unit collaboration. Three types of collaborative groups are leveraged for these campus partnerships, as described below.

Partner Groups are permanent groups established to increase communication and enhance understanding of business operations between academic and non-academic areas of the University. Typically, Partner Groups are created around a service or university entity that academic partners use as a provider/vendor. Partner Groups are co-chaired by an RC Strategy representative and a non-academic unit lead and additional campus representatives serve on a rotating basis. There are limited numbers of seats per group. 

Work Groups are designed to focus on finite projects with an expected end date. Work groups may be developed due to a need identified by a Partner Group or by other centralized working teams. Work Groups can be co-chaired by academic personnel. Interest in membership on Work Groups can be directed to the designated Chair.

Advisory Groups are, generally, created in support of an institutional strategy with members appointed by OHIO executives.