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Facilities Management and Safety


Facilities Management & Safety creates an ideal campus environment where the community achieves excellence by safely, efficiently, and sustainably providing exceptional services.

Building upon a proud heritage of quality staff and services, Facilities Management and Safety will become a benchmark organization recognized for superior customer service. In doing so, we will further develop our staff, continuously improve our processes, and team together to overcome all challenges.


  • Essential Personnel - FMS Operating Status

    Facilities Management and Safety is currently running under normal operating procedures.
    All groups report to work as scheduled.


    Facilities Management & Safety

    Status Phone Number: 740-597-7960

    Essential Personnel
  • Facilities Management Operational Guidelines and Procedures

    Facilities Management and Safety guidelines and procedure documentation.

    Operational Guidelines and Procedures
  • Campus Steam Outage Information

    Each year Facilities Management and Safety will use an annual steam outage to allow for repairs to the steam system on campus. This outage will shut down the steam across the entire campus so that technicians can safely repair the steam system. We will announce the dates for the steam outages in advanced time to allow for the campus to prepare and be aware of the outage.

    Annual Campus Steam Outage


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Construction Road Impact Schedule

July 22, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Architecture Design and Construction would like to keep the University community up to date with construction impacts on roads around campus. Read More.

Facilities Site Improvements: Phase 3, June 13- July 12

June 12, 2019 - July 12, 2019

The office of Architecture, Design and Construction has scheduled construction of the Facilities Site Improvements Road/Sidewalk Project from Monday, April 8, 2019 through Friday, July 12, 2019. During this period, there will be multiple phases of construction with associated roadway closures on Riverside Drive and Factory Street. A separate notification will be sent for each phase.


Update 6/12/19:

Phase 2 work has been extended causing the delay of Phase 3. Additional notifications will be communicated once a start date for Phase 3 has been confirmed. Parking spaces and roadways will remain open until further notification of closure dates and times.

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  • New Facilities Management & Safety website...

    The new and improved Facilities Management and Safety website will be available as of Friday, June 14 in the afternoon. The new site now includes the Architecture, Design and Construction website as well as the Risk Management and Safety website. 

  • Employee of the Month Program

    Facilities Management and Safety has started an employee of the month program. Please use the following link to see last months winners.

  • Jennings House Facelift

    Many elements contribute to the charm and appeal of Ohio University’s campus. The rolling hills surrounding Athens provide a pleasing backdrop for Ohio’s first university. Brick walkways and large shade trees provide a sense of history in a natural setting. Newer buildings complement historic structures dating back to the 1800s. Step away from the iconic College Green in any direction, and you will encounter the houses that add warmth and architectural diversity to OHIO’s campus. One of those houses, the Greek Revival style Jennings House, located between Trisolini House and Yamada International House on East Union Street, recently received some much-needed exterior work.