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Advising in the Russ College

We offer a network of advisors to support students in their academic and professional goals. All students are assigned to a faculty advisor within their major. They meet at least once a semester to discuss course registration, academic progress, and career development. The Student Services team provides additional advising for all students, especially undecided and transfer students, to help with academic and career concerns.

Internship and Full-time employment

The Office of Professional Experiences is available to help students find internships and full-time employment. While we don’t require internships, we do teach the importance of them via the required course ET 1500, Career Orientation. We also host three Russ College career fairs each academic year, averaging more than 50 employers per event, to help students find jobs. For more info,, contact Director of Professional Experiences Brenda Sinclair.

Student information release

The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents the release of student educational records to anyone outside a student’s network of advisors, without written consent from each student. Therefore, family and friends of students are not able to receive academic or any other private information unless the student completes a FERPA release form. For more information, please visit Ohio University’s FERPA page.

Transfer credit

The Russ College accepts credits from other universities when students transfer or take classes at other institutions during their degree program. This is referred to as transient credit. Students can view all transfer and transient credit on their transfer credit report in their MyOHIO Student Center.

Students may request a re-evaluation of transfer credit or submit a petition to receive transient credit prior to taking a course at another institution with this form.

View all previously accepted transfer credit here.

For more info. on transient courses, visit this page.

Please note: Grades students earn at other institutions will transfer, but they aren’t included in the student’s GPA calculation. If students want to replace their grade in a course, they must retake the course through Ohio University.

For more info., contact Assistant Dean for Student Services Paula Linscott.

Helpful Ohio University information

OHIO Freshman Experience: Details about dates, deadlines, costs, and a wealth of other info. for first-year students

Student accessibility services

We’re committed to helping all students succeed by ensuring equal opportunity and access for all who attend Ohio University. The Office of Student Accessibility Services determines eligibility and coordinates all accommodation requests for students.

Academic Achievement Center

Additional academic support is provided by the Academic Achievement Center in the form of programming and services to encourage student persistence and success in their academic career. Services include tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, study skills coaching, student writing, and more.  

Financial aid

All prospective students are automatically considered for scholarship awards upon application. This includes Russ College-specific awards. Visit the Office of Office of Financial Aid for details and for continuing student questions.

For more info. about Russ College-specific scholarships, contact Associate Dean for Academics David Juedes.

Emergency contacts

If you have further questions or wish to speak to someone in the Russ College directly, contact Associate Dean for Academics David Juedes or Assistant Dean for Student Services Grace Sallar.