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Experience Lab

What is the Experience Lab?

The experience lab is an area where students, faculty, and staff can find resources, tools, and equipment for prototyping, testing, industry examples, models, teaching aids, and much more.

Why should I use the Experience Lab?

  • Explore an area of hands-on learning. 
  • See examples of equipment from the industry to demonstrate the applications of engineering concepts. 
  • Observe models and teaching aids to demonstrate the engineering concepts taught in the classroom.
  • Utilize resources for rapid prototyping and constructing learning models.

Experience Lab Resources

  • 3D Printing for printing and prototyping
  • Industry examples for student use, instructor use, or personal exploration.
    • Electric Motors
    • Pumps
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Manufacturing, forging materials
    • Heat Engines
    • Bearings, gears and belts
    • Heat transfer and thermodynamics 
  • Sensors, tools, and equipment available for student use.
    • Digital calipers and micrometers
    • Multimeters
    • Force gauges and scales
    • Infrared and digital thermometers
    • Irradiance meters and thermocouple
  • Teaching aids to reinforce engineering projects with live demonstrations.
    • Cantilevered Beam, Simply Supported Beam, and Torsion Demonstration
    • Tensile Stress Demonstration
    • Bending Stress Visual
    • Chain and Sprocket Model
    • Sterling Engines and Heat Engine Models
    • Sterling Cooler
    • Gas Law Apparatus

If you have any questions about the lab or renting equipment, please contact our department Chair Dr. Greg Kremer, our Lab Coordinator Cody Petitt, or our Machinist Joey Boyle.