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Apply for the Robe Leadership Institute Seminar

Apply for Fall 2020 Robe Leadership (ET 4950) Course:

Want to improve your leadership skills through interactive experiences with outstanding alumni and other students? Apply for the Robe Leadership Institute’s fall 2020 Leadership Development course (ET 4950). You must apply to take the class.

The RLI program is recommended for seniors graduating in 2021, or graduate students interested in developing their leadership potential. (Some majors, such as ETM, have conflicting required courses during the senior year, so you’re invited to apply in that case.) The fall 2020 seminar (ET 4950/5950) will engage you with executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders to develop your potential. You’ll receive leadership development materials and a stipend to cover your books, and throughout fall semester, you’ll attend several free meals with guest speakers such as distinguished alumni. Spring semester offers additional activities such as an executive immersion trip to San Diego.

The RLI experience is one that will last for a lifetime. Your classmates will become your team as you help each other learn about your leadership potential, and what it means to be a leader. This requires significant commitment: attending all classes; reading the materials; and asking visitors probing questions about their leadership styles, successes, and failures. If you’re prepared to engage, the seminar will be a great experience for all.

For more info., request an RLI class booklet or the 2019 RLI scholar roster  from Loehr Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Bayless via email at bayless@ohio.edu so you can review activities or talk with a current participant.

To apply, send via email attachment to bayless@ohio.edu) the following, before Fri., March 20, 2020:

  1. Your most recent resume
  2. A statement of your past and upcoming leadership roles
  3. A clear statement of why you want to improve your leadership skills through this course
  4. Your call schedule shopping cart to ensure ET 4950 (T/Th 4:35-6:35) will work for your schedule
  5. Your projected graduation date