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Thea Verry

Thea Verry
2021-2022 Energy Engineering

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Expected Graduation: Spring 2022

Thea was born on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. She will always be a Clevelander at heart, but immediately fell in love with Athens during her first visit to our beautiful community. She loved the sense of inclusion and clear appreciation for the conservation of nature. Her passion lies with being an advocate for our planet, so she knew that energy engineering was a fitting undergraduate degree. She plans to attend graduate school after working and traveling for a few years. 

Thea is dedicated to her health and well-being. She runs, practices meditation and yoga, and journals daily. Thea also swims laps five days a week at the Aquatic Center. Throughout her college experience, she has found a sustainable balance of work and play that allows her to maintain her happiness. She tries her best to spread mental health awareness and to end the stigmas surrounding mental illness. In her spare time, she loves to hike, camp, swim at Strouds Run State Park, and read.   

Thea is involved with the Society of Women Engineers as the Well Being Committee Chair; is the Vice President of The Body Project; and is a member of the Robe Leadership Institute.