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Kodjo Hughes

Kodjo Hughes
2021-2022 Engineering Technology and Management

Hometown: Athens, OH

Expected Graduation: Spring 2022

Kodjo has always called Athens his home and he is excited to be taking the next great step in his career here. The rolling hills, beautiful brick buildings, and wonderful sense of community made him realize what a great environment it would be to foster his education. Initially entering the Russ College undecided, Kodjo found his major in engineering technology and management, captivated by the hands-on learning and the lab resources available.  

Always looking to turn dreams into a reality, Kodjo spent his school years building contraptions and do-it-yourself projects. His favorite thing he has built was a five-foot-tall trebuchet for a high school physics study, capable of launching a projectile over fifty yards.  

Kodjo has done extensive work within the Russ College as well as the greater Athens community, completing two PACE internships along with an official internship for a start-up in the Plains. He has also done work in the greater Athens community, volunteering with the Dairy Barn to build a mile-long nature trail that is only a ten-minute walk from campus.  

In his free time, Kodjo enjoys exercise, whether it be working out at OHIO’s Ping Recreation Center or hiking in the hills that surround the campus.