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Dianna Sprague

Dianna Sprague
2023-2024 Engineering Ambassador in Aviation

Dianna Sprague Bio 

Hometown: Bright, Indiana 

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2024 


Dianna is a senior in the aviation flight program at the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. She is from Bright, Indiana, a small town that is around 30 miles west of Cincinnati.  

She chose Ohio University because of the natural beauty of the campus and for the distinguished flight program. Dianna knew she chose the right college after coming to campus because, despite coming in knowing no one, she was welcomed with kindness by her faculty and peers. 


Dianna became interested in aviation at a young age, as she grew up in an aviation household and always enjoyed the airplane views. With her dad as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, she had the opportunity to start training before college, where her dad signed her off for her private pilot check-ride. She began flight training at Ohio after receiving her private license and decided to double-major with Aviation Flight and Management. Dianna is currently the President of the Ohio University Precision Flight team is the former vice president of OHIO’s chapter of Women in Aviation International. 


Dianna currently spends a lot of her time working towards her many aviation licenses, along with working within the Avionics hangar and instructing as a Certified Flight Instructor. When she is not at the airport, you can find her golfing, playing softball and sand volleyball, skiing, or spending time on campus with friends!