Aviation Flight (B.S.A.)

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Want your career to take flight? As an aviation flight student at the Russ College, you will begin aviation coursework during your first year of study to work toward earning pilot certification via the department's FAA-approved Part 141 flight program. Required flight courses include the private pilot certificate through the certified flight instructor certificate, as well as business management, management information systems, and meteorology. You’ll also have the opportunity to take more advanced flight training courses, such as aircraft and flight crew operations and corporate flight operations in university-owned turboprop aircraft.

Beginning with fundamental science and mathematics courses, our undergraduate aviation programs incorporate flight training and industry-focused courses to create an enriching learning experience. Take a closer look at our aviation flight degree requirements or all of the course descriptions.

Ohio University’s flight program is experiencing unprecedented enrollment and program growth. This is causing a delay for entering students in starting their flight training. Flight students should expect a delay through fall and spring of the first year. As flight operations within the Department are conducted year-round, opportunities exist for summer training. Students who choose to stay for two summers will most likely still be able to graduate within four years. The academic ground courses are not affected by this delay and the coursework outside of flight courses remains unaffected.