About Aviation

Small plane flying over a forest in autumn

For more than 70 years, Ohio University has trained pilots and aviation professionals who keep our air traffic moving safely and efficiently. Our graduates create for good by keeping passengers, crew and cargo safe on the ground or at 30,000 feet — it’s our top priority. Whether you want to take off in the cockpit or ready aircraft for flight, the Russ College will prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career in the aviation industry through our bachelor’s degree programs in aviation flight and aviation management, or in our two-year aviation technology associate’s degree program.


The mission of the Department of Aviation is:

  • To pursue excellence in providing quality undergraduate education for our students.
  • To prepare students to meet the demands of the national aviation system by preparing them academically and intellectually, by exposing them to real world experiences, and by introducing them to the people who can provide them with real world information.
  • To engage in applied aviation research and scholarly endeavors that may benefit government, industry, general aviation, the public and our students.
  • To provide leadership, expertise, and professional development opportunities for aviation professionals.
  • To promote a greater understanding of aviation among the general public.

Program Approval

The aviation flight curriculum is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure that your education meets the quality standards set by professional and technical societies in the profession.

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Visit the Russ College accreditation page to see enrollment and graduation data.