Our Equipment

Our Equipment

OHIO Aviation

From our University-owned airport to our fleet of training aircraft, the department of Aviation offers real-world experience for our aviation flight, management, and technology students so you’ll graduate ready to make a meaningful contribution as an aviation professional.

OU Fleet

Our Training Fleet

Out at the airport in Albany, you’ll find our fleet of seventeen aircraft produced by “the big three” legacy general aviation manufacturers of Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft. Our fleet consists of four Cessna 172s, two Beechcraft Barons, two Piper Arrows and seven Piper Warrior IIIs with glass cockpit technology.

On these aircraft, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a range of pilot certificates, including private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, multi-engine rating and certified flight instructor certificate with single-engine airplane, instrument, and multi-engine ratings.


    Cessna 172

    We operate three Cessna 172 aircraft: one C172P and two C172SP models. Our 172 aircraft are used as primary trainers for many of our Private Pilot students as well as for many of our students in our cross country time building courses. 


    Piper Warrior III

    Our Piper Warriors are equipped with the Avidyne Glass Cockpit and dual Garmin 430's. The Warriors are IFR certified and are used as primary trainers for our Private Pilot, Instrument, and Flight Instructor Courses.


    Piper Arrow

    The Piper Arrow has retractable gear and an adjustable pitch propeller. This aircraft is used by our commercial students for their training. This allows students to achieve their 10 hours of complex time required to achieve their commercial rating. 


    Beechcraft Baron

    We operate two Beechcraft Barons, they are used for multi-engine flight training. The Beechcraft Barons give our students the ability to train in a multi-engine aircraft used in real world operations all over!


    Cessna 152

    We operate two Cessna 152 aircraft that are used primarily by our Flight Team during landing competitions and practices. We also use the Cessna 152 aircraft as trainers for some of our Private Pilot students. 

Our Simulators


    Redbird MCX

    The department operates a fully certified FAA Redbird MCX Advanced Aviation Training Device. This device allows for the simulation of single-engine, complex, and multi-engine aircraft under both VMC and IMC conditions. It includes a wrap-around screen to provide students with a fully immersive experience during their lessons.


    Redbird SD

    The department utilizes a fully certified FAA Redbird SD Advanced Aviation Training Device. This device enables simulation of single-engine, complex, and multi-engine aircraft in both VMC and IMC conditions. Equipped with a wrap-around screen, it offers students a fully immersive experience during their training sessions.


    Redbird King Air 350

    The program utilizes the Redbird King Air 350 Advanced Aviation Training Device for comprehensive crew resource training. By focusing on core concepts such as advanced flight principles, high-altitude training, turbine transition, proficient flight management system operation, and mastery of highly automated flight deck operations, students are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed to enter the industry as proficient and competent pilots.