Aviation student poses with an Ohio University airplane
Aviation Degrees

An Aviation Degree to Earn Your Wings at Ohio University!

Flying is a dream for many – and it’s one that you can achieve with an aviation degree from Ohio University. Whether you want to earn your wings by learning how to become a pilot and fly commercially, oversee operations from the ground, or combine piloting expertise with another focus, we offer a program that’s ideal for your aviation aspiration.

In the bachelor’s degree in aviation program at OHIO, you’ll get a comprehensive and engaging education in the science behind flight, plus plenty of time behind the controls of aircraft owned by the university! By the end, you’ll have earned the flight certificates and ratings to work as an official pilot and launch your career to the sky.

Choose What You Want to Learn


    Aviation Flight

    OHIO’s aviation flight program is ideal for future pilots and any students who want to take to the skies ASAP! You’ll start aviation coursework right away and begin earning your pilot certification through Ohio University’s FAA-approved Part 141 flight program.


    Aviation Management

    Interested in what it takes to run and organize airports and other aviation companies successfully? The aviation management degree covers many of the same topics as the aviation flight program but also incorporates classes from the College of Business so you can master the unique logistical challenges of this industry.


    Aviation Flight Technology

    The aviation flight technology two-year degree enables you to become a pilot but also leaves enough room for you to earn a full bachelor’s degree in another academic area of choice, like communication or business. It’s an excellent option for those who may wish to work in the aviation industry in non-commercial-pilot contexts. 

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    To earn your bachelor’s degree in aviation, you’ll need access to the airport, which means attending school at OHIO’s residential campus in Athens. But it’s a stellar place to earn your wings aside from that, offering student amenities plus a bustling downtown scene with plenty of stores, museums, and social hubs for fun times outside of class.

  • Regional Campuses

    Certain general education courses and electives can be completed at OHIO’s regional campuses. Consider applying to these campuses if you want to get a jumpstart with your degree or if you need to take a semester or two away from Athens.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

Careers in Aviation

An aviation, aviation management, or aviation technology degree from Ohio University unlocks careers both in the sky and on the ground! Indeed, the aviation industry has lots of job openings and opportunities for advancement depending on your skills and your focus, such as:

  • Pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Airline manager
  • Air cargo specialist
  • Corporate pilot
  • Airport manager
Aviation student poses with an airplane
Student flying an airplane over Athens, Ohio

Post-Grad Opportunities for Aviation Majors

After earning your aviation degree at Ohio University, you’ll be certified to work as a flight instructor or commercial pilot – especially since you can earn a four-year degree on top of your pilot’s license! Many graduates emerge from school with job offers from major airlines or immediately start work as instructors for OHIO or other organizations.

However, if you instead pursue the aviation management degree, you’ll be ready to head straight into a graduate MBA program if you want to continue your schooling and expand your career options into other fields.

Experience OHIO’s flight fleet as an aviation major

When you study aviation at Ohio University, you’ll get to fly exceptional aircraft. OHIO maintains a fleet of 15 aircraft from manufacturers like Cessna and Piper – and you can visit the airfield when you take a tour of the Athens campus!

Visit during Engineering and Technology Day

Not sure what to expect from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology? Attend the annual Engineering and Technology Day at OHIO to speak to the faculty of the aviation program firsthand and see the extensive aviation facilities nearby!

Learn How to Become a Pilot and Get Hands-On Experience With Your Aviation Degree

  • Gain flight time toward your license

    OHIO’s aviation programs are FAA-approved – meaning you’ll earn the license to work as a pilot by the time you graduate. In fact, you’ll spend lots of time in the sky with an instructor from your first year of school: the ultimate experiential learning for something as hands-on as piloting! Students are also eligible for the restricted privileges ATP certificate upon graduation, enabling them to become employed with an airline once they reach 1000 hours of flight time as an aviation flight graduate, or 1250 hours as an aviation flight technology graduate.

  • Jump into flight simulators

    In addition to time in real planes, aviation majors at Ohio University can practice in flight simulators. Some of the most crucial experiences our students benefit from are those where they work with fellow students like a real-world flight crew, learning how to communicate and tackle complex problems as teammates.

  • Complete aviation internships at airports and other facilities

    No Ohio University program is complete without real work experience, which is why faculty members and success advisors will work to help you find internship opportunities at airports and similar locations. By the time you graduate, you’ll not only have earned several flight certificates, but you can also have hundreds more working as an actual pilot.

  • Join student organizations

    There’s an organization for all OHIO aviation majors. Join one or several student organizations and form lifelong partnerships. Some of our most popular aviation-related organizations include OHIO’s Women in Aviation chapter and OHIO’s National Society of Black Engineers chapter.

  • Work as an instructor at OHIO

    As you gain skills and aviation expertise, students can work as instructors at Ohio University. This is an excellent way to further accumulate more flight hours and earn higher piloting licenses.

Why choose an aviation degree?

There are many professional opportunities in the aviation industry, especially since many experienced pilots are retiring in the near future due to federal mandates. New skilled pilots – as well as managerial or technical professionals – are needed to keep airports running – and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Students might wonder why they should complete an aviation degree program instead of attending flight school -the answer is competitiveness. Working for the big airlines and getting high-paying captain jobs means standing out, and a degree helps you do just that. Plus, having a four-year degree under your belt is considered to be a requirement for many of the most competitive positions.

But there’s another reason why an aviation degree from Ohio University is well worth your time. Compared to standard flight schools, Ohio University connects instructors and students on a deeper level. The bonds you’ll make during your time in your aviation program will help you rise throughout your career and provide for a more engaging, fulfilling college experience overall.

Student support resources for aviation majors

It’s tough to learn how to fly without access to aircraft, which is why Ohio University owns and operates our own airport! It’s just 12 miles southwest of the main Athens campus, so you’ll easily be able to hop in a plane and clock some training hours throughout your program without sinking a ton of time into commuting.

As an aviation student, you’ll get to fly aircraft like Cessna 152s, Piper Warrior IIIs, and Beechcraft Barons, all of which are perfect for training flights and clocking instructor hours later in your journey. Our airport and aircraft are examples of how OHIO gives you everything you need to succeed as an aviator from day one.

But that’s not all you’ll benefit from as an aviation student at Ohio University. In the classroom, student-faculty ratios are low, and all incoming aviators can apply for a variety of aviation scholarships to lighten the financial load. Whether you need peer support, one-on-one tutoring, or some extra time practicing to earn your certification, you’ll get what you need at OHIO.


The OHIO Experience for Aviation Majors

When you attend Ohio University for your aviation degree, you’ll participate in a unique blend of traditional college classroom instruction with actual hands-on flight time. You’ll find some of the best flight school elements and get to enjoy classic college experiences during the same four years.

It’s an unforgettable and personally fulfilling time for all our students, made even better by the attentiveness and talent of our faculty. Plenty of flight time, enjoyable college events, and help to land a job after graduating: you’ll find these benefits and more as you apply!

The OHIO Experience

  • Aviation Management Minor

    By completing an aviation management minor, students can gain valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within the aviation industry. This minor can complement majors in non-aviation fields such as finance, economics, engineering, or other unrelated disciplines, while also preparing students for careers in their primary field of study within the aviation industry.