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Data Management System

Air Quality Data Management

The U. S. Department of Energy (NETL) has in the past several years funded a number of research projects targeted towards the characterization of fine particulate (PM2.5) and co pollutants present in ambient air along the Upper Ohio River Valley corridor. These studies have produced large data sets that are resident in disparate locations with limited access by the sponsors and interested stakeholders. The Center in partnership with Advanced Technology Systems and Texas A&M-Kingsville is developing a comprehensive, computer-based system for integrating the ambient air quality data from the NETL funded projects and regional EPA sites and creating a publicly-available, user-friendly tool for accessing, displaying, analyzing and interpreting these air quality data utilized geographical information systems (GIS) and built in graphical interfaces.

Coal Combustion Products Data Management

The Center is working with The Ohio State University's Coal Combustion Products (CCP) Extension Program to provide a Web-based GIS and statistical analysis tools to evaluate the supply and demand of CCPs generated in the Eastern United States, thus assisting suppliers and consumers in optimal decision-making. The web enabled system will enable users to retrieve geographical information and data such as population numbers and demographics, land use and land cover, road pavement area measurements, optimized transportation routes, etc., based on selected geographical areas.