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Lean Six Sigma Certificate

Make processes lean and reliable

Work individually and on teams to learn how to remove waste, streamline processes, and add value through our Lean Six Sigma Certificate Program. Developed as two separate methodologies, the Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools, and skill sets are now usually applied together for synergy that can take organizations to the next level.

The 15-hour, residential Lean Six Sigma Certificate Program will appear on your transcript upon graduation. Any OHIO student seeking a bachelor’s degree at any OHIO campus is eligible.

Enrolled in an online OHIO bachelor’s program? We offer a 100% online Lean Six Sigma Certificate Program.

Questions? Contact Engineering Technology and Management Department Chair Dr. Zaki Kuruppalil at 740.593.1455.

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Required Courses

Required courses are dependent upon your major. Contact Dr. Zaki Kuruppalil at 740.593.1455 to confirm your requirements.

Computer Methods (3 credit hours)

ETM 1030, Enterprise Computer Methods: Study of common methods used to solve enterprise computing problems. Emphasis is on developing solutions using common software, and installing, configuring, and maintaining computer hardware.

Alternate courses: ME 1010, ISE 1100, MIS 2010, or MIS 2011

Management (3 credit hours)

MGT 2000, Intro to Management: Understanding of and practice in solving problems facing managers and administrators using concepts and principles from behavioral sciences and other applicable disciplines.

Alternate courses: MGT 2100, MGT 3200, MGT 3000, MGT 3500, or CE 2160

Statistical Methods (3 credit hours)

ISE 3040, Fundamentals of Statistics: To understand and use statistics to evaluate and make decisions about processes and their results.

Alternate courses: ISE 3200, MATH 2500, or QBA 2010

Six Sigma Methodology (3 credit hours)

ETM 3630, Quality Management Systems: Theory and practice of quality improvement principles, tools, and methods with emphasis on Six Sigma methodology.

Alternate course: ISE 4160

Lean Systems (3 credit hours)

ETM 4320, Enterprise Lean Systems: Focus on process enhancement through continuous improvement methodology utilizing tools to assist in the identification and then continuous eliminations of waste and enterprise improvements.

Alternate course: ISE 4170