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Tao Yuan

Tao Yuan
Chair, Professor
Stocker Center 272
Center for Advanced Systems and Transportation Logistics Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Tao Yuan joined Ohio University in 2008. Yuan teaches reliability, engineering statistics, engineering probability, operations research, design of experiments and stochastic processes.

Research Interests: nanomanufacturing, advanced engineering materials, stochastic processes, bayesian statistics

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee, 2007; M.E., Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2004; M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2003; B.E., Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2000.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (33)

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Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (2)

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Conference Proceeding (17)

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