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Yahya Al-Majali

Yahya Al-Majali
Assistant Professor
Stocker Center 261
Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment

Journal Article, Academic Journal (3)

  • Ugwumadu, C., Olson, R., Smith, N., Nepal, K., Al-Majali, Y., Trembly, J., Drabold, D. (2023). Computer simulation of carbonization and graphitization of coal. 9. Nanotechnology; 35:
  • Al-Majali, Y., Alamiri, E., Wisner, B., Trembly, J. (2023). Mechanical performance assessment of sustainable coal plastic composite building materials. 1. Journal of Building Engineering; 80: 108089.
  • Veley, L., Chinonso, C., Trembly, J., Drabold, D., Al-Majali, Y. (2023). 3D Printing of Sustainable Coal Polymer Composites: Study of Processing, Mechanical Performance, and Atomistic Matrix–Filler Interaction. 11. ACS Applied Polymer Materials; 5: 9286–9296.