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Patton College of Education Website Guidelines

Webpage Editing and Design Contact

Webpage Marketing Content Assistance:

New Page Creation and Design Questions, Vanity URLs, Departmental email accounts and Training

Home and Landing Page Editing

  • Lisa S. Dael will edit the main Education and Departmental landing pages.

Departmental and Center Pages:

  • Each department has at least 2 editors for their web pages.  If you need to know who they are or wish to change them, please contact Lisa S. Dael

Page content requirements and recommendations:

As you edit pages, please keep in mind that web pages are for marketing.  Keep it simple!  People skim, not read content.

  • Use headings 2-6 as needed.
  • Video testimonial and photos - be descriptive about your picture for accessibility.
  • Program Code (Use Heading 5)
  • Program Overview – 1 paragraph
  • Who should take this program – use bullet points
  • Benefits/Unique Selling Proposition, i.e. How will this help me and why is OU the best program– use bullet points
  • Important Deadlines
  • FAQs – use bullet points or set up a separate FAQ page.
  • Applications Requirements
    • Link to the application page: Apply Now 
    • Inquiry Form  (Lisa S. Dael can get a template set up in Slate which can be posted on a webpage.)
    • Phone/Email/Address Of Who To Contact For More Information
    • Link to information available elsewhere.
    • Link to the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog for Curriculum – The curriculum should be correct in the catalog.  Don’t recreate it one your page because then it must be updated in two places.
  • Avoid detailed information 
    • Goals, mission, vision, etc. can appear on a flyer, brochure or in the Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog which can be:
      • Linked on the page
      • Linked in a response email or as part of the Qualtrics form
      • It should NOT be included in the page itself
  • Use Qualtrics or Drupal Forms in place of PDF forms wherever possible.
  • DO NOT add PDFs without prior approval.  They are being phased out for accessibility.  If you have a pdf you feel is important,  please contact Lisa about making it a webpage or having it remediated.
  • All links should be embedded in descriptive text including email addresses.

Confirm Important Information

  • If you have a pdf on your pages, check to ensure they are up-to-date and do not have incorrect information.  PDFs are being phased out for accessibility purposes.
  • Check all links are current.  Other websites at Ohio University have been updated and links may have changed.
  • Confirm contact information is correct.
  • Make sure the Catalog Content about your program is different from your website.
  • All photos should have Alt text that is descriptive of the image for screen readers.  Please review the website discussing Accessibility.  If you have further questions about accessibilty and how it can impact your pages, please contact Lisa S. Dael.

Directory Information

  • Only Faculty and Student Affairs Advisors may have bios. 
  • Send a copy of your bio to Danielle Dani for approval.  Once approved, it can be updated online.
  • All faculty and staff should have a picture posted unless they have requested not to.  Send updated photos to Lisa S. Dael.