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Patton College of Education Website Guidelines

Webpage Editing and Design Contact

Webpage Marketing Content Assistance:

New Page Creation, Design Questions, Training

Home and Landing Page Editing

  • Lisa S. Dael will edit the main Education landing pages and the Departmental pages.

Departmental and Center Pages:

  • Each department has at least 2 editors for their web pages.  If you need to know who they are or wish to change them, please contact Lisa S. Dael

Vanity URLs or customized marketing email addresses:

  • Contact Lisa S. Dael – one may already exist or she can credit one for you.

Page content recommendations:

As you edit pages, please keep in mind that web pages are for marketing.  Keep it simple!  People skim, not read content.

  • Use headings 2-6 as needed.

  • Video testimonial and photos - be descriptive about your picture for accessibility.

  • Program Code (Use Heading 5)
  • Program Overview – 1 paragraph
  • Who should take this program – use bullet points
  • Benefits/Unique Selling Proposition, i.e. How will this help me and why is OU the best program– use bullet points
  • Important Deadlines
  • FAQs – use bullet points or set up a separate FAQ page.
  • Applications Requirements
    • Apply Now (Link To Application Page: Https://
    • Inquiry Form  (Lisa S. Dael can share a template from Qualtrics if you need one.)
    • Phone/Email/Address Of Who To Contact For More Information
    • Link to information available elsewhere.
    • Link to the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog for Curriculum – The curriculum should be correct in the catalog.  Don’t recreate it one your page because then it must be updated in two places.
  • Avoid detailed information 
    • Goals, mission, vision, etc. can appear on a flyer, brochure or in the Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog which can be:
      • Linked on the page
      • Linked in a response email or as part of the Qualtrics form
      • It should NOT be included in the page itself
  • Use Qualtrics in place of PDF forms wherever possible.

Confirm Important Information

  • Check all PDFs to ensure they are up-to-date and do not have incorrect information.

  • Check all links are current.  Other websites at Ohio University have been updated and links may have changed.

  • Confirm contact information is correct.
  • Make sure the Catalog Content about your program is different from your website.

Directory Information

  • Only Faculty and Student Affairs Advisors may have bios. 
  • Send a copy of your bio to Lisa Harrison for approval.  Once approved, it can be updated online.

  • All faculty and staff should have a picture posted unless they have requested not to.