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Yegan Pillay

Yegan Pillay
Counseling and Higher Education
Patton Hall 432M

Yegan Pillay’s academic preparation includes a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision (Ohio), a M.Ed. in Counseling (Ohio), a B.A. Honors in Psychology (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), and a B.A. in Psychology & Sociology (University of the Western Cape, South Africa).  Dr. Pillay has served in various leadership roles within the American Counseling Association, the Ohio Counseling Association, and internationally. He is licensed as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (E.0003452-SUPV) with training supervision designation by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapy Board and is licensed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Counseling Psychologist (PS 0062952). He is currently active as a clinical psychotherapist; a clinical supervisor, and a tenured full professor.  Dr. Pillay’s current grant and research-related activities underscore the intersection of health psychology and mental health issues in the US and the global context.  

Most Recent Publications:

Stevens, M. M., & Pillay, Y. (2024). Best Practices for Tele-supervision: Promoting Ethical, Legal, and Effective University and Clinical Supervision using Technology. Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision.

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Xiong, Y., Prasanth, Joen, L., Zhang, Q., & Pillay, Y. (2022). A Phenomenological Study of Group Facilitators’ Experiences: A Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Group for International Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Specialist in Group Work.

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